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  3. Dog bite/Quarantine/Rabies
  4. California Spay/Neuter Law AB1634
  5. Dog Fights - What should happen to Vick????
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  9. City to approve off leash
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  11. list of 75 banned/restricted breeds in US
  12. WHAT IS BSL and HOW TO FIGHT IT usa only
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  17. Disease coming in from dog shipping from other countries
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  23. Open Season on Wolves
  24. Puppy Mill Busted, Pets Rescued
  25. Keep the Pressure On!
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  33. Save the Wolves of America
  34. Wolves Delisted! Four Out of Five Could Be Killed
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  36. Help my puggle!
  37. B.S.L. but for the good!
  38. Absolutely horrible! Please sign the petition!!!!
  39. How can we help stop BSL?
  40. If you feel immune from BSL - List of 75 banned or restricte
  41. Tips for writing or talking about BSL
  42. Justice for the Pets Murdered in St. Bernard Parish
  43. What do you all think?
  44. Dogs and Divorce
  45. New Jersey bans insurers from increasing premiums
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  49. FDA Recall
  50. Good News For Wolves For Now!
  51. Wolf friends,
  52. Dog is in DOG POUND !
  53. San Marcos Officer
  54. Micheal Vick case on Animal planet
  55. Pennsylvannia puppy mill ban
  56. $25,000 lawsuit barking dog-watchout
  57. New Los Angeles Ordinance
  58. Topic of the Week: BSL & Government
  59. Los Angeles Spay/Neuter Law-what do you think?
  60. Please sign to help one city get rid of gassing
  61. Canada bans canine cosmetic surgery
  62. whitening shampoo
  63. PA legislation signed on puppy mills
  64. Behind....but Catching Up....
  65. Arrested for walking dog on neighbor's yard
  66. Bill defining dangerous dogs
  67. Bill banning dog racing
  68. Canadian High Court upholds ban on Pitt Bulls
  69. Upgrade From Class C Misdomeaner
  70. Great News For Dingo Lovers
  71. Hmmm A Step forward?
  72. California’s Proposed Vet Tax
  73. Manchester, MI new ordinance defining dangerous dog for 2009
  74. Colorado and NH new dog laws for 2009
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  76. Riverside County Bark Legislation
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  78. Vote to ban BSL
  79. Dog poop rules in Seattle
  80. Should dog walkers be licensed?
  81. California Residents call to protest sales tax on vet services
  82. Lots of critter related bills
  83. Breed specific legislation not working in Denver -Duh
  84. Proposed CA law to aid animals hit by cars
  85. WI legislators work on commercial breeder legislation
  86. Indiana advances first breeder regulations
  87. Believe it or not: Councilman wants to sterilize Pitt Bulls
  88. Possible law against tail docking
  89. Case of free speech and dogfighting to court
  90. 5 dog limit in Chicago
  91. China "1 dog policy" culling, and oops cats for dinner
  92. Patterson introduces dangerous dog legislation
  93. You May Never Own an Intact Dog Again!‏
  94. Dog bites are a third of insurance claims
  95. Breeds banned on military bases
  96. Excessive noise ordinance comes with fines
  97. Vermont Supreme Court to decide value of dog's love
  98. Chinese legal professionals call for ban on eating cats and dogs
  99. government plans for BSL amendment in the UK
  100. puppy mill legislation
  101. The service dog scam - big issue
  102. New member here. Advice pls. prednisone and its side effects