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  1. Channel 4 - "It's me or the dog!"
  2. smarter than you think
  3. Dog strollers
  4. DVD for lonely dogs
  5. In Britain - Northerners like dogs, Southerners like Cats
  6. Death by Chocolate
  7. Dogs on Swat Teams
  8. Genetics of coat colour may help explain human differences in weight and stress
  9. Therapy dogs for soldiers in Iraq
  10. Dancing with dogs Christmas program
  11. Very cute article-World going to the Dogs
  12. Criticism on Rent-a-dog businesses
  13. Fido Bag saves dog-check this out
  14. Great New Site
  15. Save Congo's Life
  16. Measuring A Dogs Intelligence?
  17. Washing machine for pets
  18. Please Help Me Find Sassie
  19. Pet-Human Fashion Show
  20. What is this world coming to?
  21. Pets effected by foreclosures
  22. Westminister Dog Show
  23. Would you clone your K9 companion?
  24. Dog Saved By Marine Gets A Permanent Home
  25. Outstanding K-9 Medal of Honor Winner! Congrats Brutus!
  26. Cesar Milan the entrepreneur
  27. How much a title can be worth- Trialing
  28. Police Dogs Wear Shoes
  29. It dooms Day
  30. Robots compete with dogs as companions
  31. Nancy Grace story on CNN.....
  32. Crufts Best In Show 2008
  33. Fundfaiser for Devon
  34. Cruelt by unknown sources
  35. Man Beat Dog Before Filing Teeth
  36. Police Dog dies in car chase pursuit
  37. Dog adopts baby goat..
  38. Drunk animals!
  39. San Diego County, California May Bite Back Against Aggressive Dogs
  40. Dogs differentiate barks
  41. What The Hell Is Wrong With People
  42. Slip and Slide
  43. Dog won the fight-Reward? burn him alive. His 3 month old
  44. Ark. city releases shelter dogs into forest
  45. Bad dog reality show
  46. One of Michael Vick's Dogs
  47. Alan
  48. Just shocking!
  49. New Tv series-America's Greatest Dog
  50. Warrant Issued Over Mayor's Release of Dogs
  51. Good job Cheryl!!!
  52. Largest ever puppy mill raid
  53. Finnegan the Squirrel
  54. Rescued shelter dog repays family tenfold!
  55. Michael Vick - Bankrupt
  56. Dogs off menu for the Olympics
  57. Cop kills his own dog..... SICK!
  58. Buddy
  59. Cadaver dog's role in missing toddler
  60. Puppy Kills Baby
  61. Liberals prefer dogs over children?
  62. 14 Wolf Pups Executed in Alaska
  63. crate training
  64. Great Pet Finding Resource
  65. It's me or the dog Casting Call - L.A., CA
  66. Genetics-A Whole New World
  67. pedigree dogs exposed
  68. Owl's about this for a shaggy dog story
  69. Pet Store Horrors...
  70. Dogs get morals from owner
  71. Petsmart's Dirty Little Secret
  72. owl be damned!
  73. Help Me Out :]
  74. Happy Hour for Dogs
  75. shock collars to be banned in wales
  76. Canine Country Club - Could yours get in?
  77. Obama highly supports animal rights & a book to check out!
  78. Governor Sarah Palin: A Champion for Brutal Aerial Hunting this
  79. Caesar Milan on Bones
  80. wrestler hulk hogan dating a younger woman
  81. Heroes of 9/11
  82. Mass dog wedding - yes that is what I said
  83. RSPCA pulls out of Crufts
  84. Dog Calls 911-Saves a Life
  85. Palin supports wolf killing!!
  86. Dog dies of Parvo; Dog Park Closed
  87. Dogs catch yawns ffrom humans
  88. Top canine names identified by AKC
  89. Hero the Iraq War Dog
  90. British kennel club fights back
  91. Kennel club new competition for companion dogs
  92. Pensioner eaten by his own dogs
  93. Animal Planet Education on Dogs starts tonight
  94. US parents use sniffer dogs to check teens' rooms
  95. Veterans hospital for military dogs
  96. Robots instead of service dogs/
  97. Very sad.
  98. Soup Kitchen for Dogs
  99. Awesome program getting kids to read and developing relationships
  100. MA bans dog racing
  101. AKC trying to help the Obama's decision
  102. Economic problems impact on dog ownership
  103. Kitten Kicked like A ball by Teenagers
  104. AVMA comes out against cosmetic procedures
  105. Black Dog Syndrome in shelters - What do you think?
  106. Researchers find dogs can thing "hey no fair."
  107. BBC Drops Crufts
  108. Pup's ears cut off
  109. What do you think?
  110. More people giving up pets because of economy
  111. Dog & Owner vs Mountain Lion
  112. Story about cloned dogs and their not looking alike
  113. Woman with therapy dog sues for 10 million
  114. Dog flu outbreak in doggie daycare in CO
  115. Pets Left OutSide is Animsal Abuse
  116. Mickey Rourke calls for hacking off testicles
  117. Proposed legislation cracks down on abusive puppy mills
  118. Pa. pet groomer charged with piercing kittens
  119. Yay South west mo k9's!
  120. Dogs trained to sniff Whale Poo
  121. They are willing to go this far...
  122. Two More Peanut Butter Dog Treats on Recall List
  123. Name....ROFL
  124. You have GOT to be kidding me! KIDS!?!
  125. Trainers or Abusers ??????????
  126. Do you sympathisize?
  127. Another Vick dog gets happy ending!
  128. HSUS Gushing Over “Creature Caucus” in Congress
  129. update on karley
  130. justice4karley vigil
  131. karley vigil
  132. Martha Stewart's Chow in kennel fire
  133. Dogs and Tongue Piercings - A cautionary tale
  134. Dogs (not chimps) like humans
  135. We do resemble our dogs
  136. Weddings going to the dogs
  137. Animal Advocate Calls Blind Guide Dog Users Cruel
  138. Opinions on genetic rescue
  139. Florida & Alabama: Step forward or backward?
  140. Honda's pet friendly car
  141. NZ shepherds told to stop using dogs
  142. I don't think this guys is going to get enough time
  143. Divorced couple fight over dog sperm
  144. Did you guys hear?
  145. Studying dogs to whether they think like us
  146. Show dogs are dumber
  147. Car Wash welcomes dogs
  148. Wow check these fines for dog issues
  149. Good Incentive for Adopting
  150. Richest dogs and cats
  151. BBC News -Spying for minor offenses like dog fouling stopped
  152. New GPS unit...AKC supported
  153. the latest on Karley's case
  154. Dogs dumped resort to cannibalism
  155. Dog slammed into the sidewalk - Abuse case
  156. Therapy dog at funeral home
  157. IPhone app for guide dogs in Texas
  158. Economic conditions more kind to pet industry
  159. Dogs have souls, but you already knew that
  160. Dogs don't feel guilt?? Agree with the research???
  161. Therapy dogs tie the knot
  162. 9/11 K9 hero cloned
  163. Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say
  164. Woman dog walker trampled by cows
  165. Technological gadgets to help care for pets
  166. 19 charged in dogfighting ring
  167. New World's Smallest Dog: Scooter
  168. 7 dogs killed in fire- Meriden, CT
  169. Why idiots shouldn't own dogs:
  170. CT passes new bills for pet stores
  171. Rottie Waits for Family at Crash Site
  172. 150 dogs found dead in Mich. home
  173. Cautionary tale about dogs learning their boundaries
  174. Check out this contest
  175. Who Knew???
  176. Using “dominance” to explain dog behaviour
  177. Neat Law
  178. My Wee Bonnie
  179. Dogs 'as bad for global warming as an SUV'
  180. Glad I had not stored my CC number on my remote when Barb got it. Cute story.
  181. Iowa cat tests positive for H1N1 flu
  182. Meerkats Are The New Must Have!!!
  183. Tryouts for Rose Parade-Can your dog Hang 20?
  184. Our disposable, instant gratification society
  185. Marketing and dogs
  186. Holy Cow!! That poor Momma!
  187. Dg Fighting Game Released
  188. USPS identifies top dog biting cities
  189. Study on how cats and dogs lap up water-really
  190. Dogs Deserve Better has purchased Vick's compound
  191. Vick wins BET award
  192. Pets or Pensions?
  193. HSUS: The “H” is for Hypocrisy?
  194. Petland to Phase Out Sales of Cats and Dogs
  195. Press release on indoor dog potty
  196. Dog to human health treatments
  197. Rent-A-Puppy promises tail-wagging fun for students
  198. DIY Halloween Costumes for your canine companion
  199. Chris Brown Selling puppies via Internet
  200. Indiana Canine Training Facility to be featured in reality series