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JessicaR 01-24-2013 05:03 PM

Doesnt seem to be very many people on this site anymore :( How is everyone and there pets doing?

It has been pretty cold here in Ohio, though it has warmed up a bit it is 20 degrees today. Of course the shelties dont seem to mind the cold too much, they still love to go out and run around the yard. THe poodle not quite as happy, but he has shaved feet so more exposure to the snow that way.

I also have decided to take a break from showing (not that I did to much) its a little too expensive right now with gas being so high, plus entry fees. I am retiring Belle anyways since she will be 6 y/o next month. THat combined with I only have 1 other dog that is showable means I need a break. I have been seriously been considering switching to a different breed in the future, just havent decided which breed. I love my shelties, but any one who has owned one will tell you they are not normal LOL! For now I am going to focus on fostering guide dogs, that will help with the puppy withdrawals :D until i figure out what to do. Which will be awhile since I am not going to start with new dogs until some of my other dogs have passed away. So hopefully not for 5+ years.

We lost a hen last week to a hawk! He better not show up again if he knows whats good for him! So I now have to work this spring at making my pen hawk proof especially before I get my new chicks. Its going to hard to do since they have a pretty good section of the yard to run around in.

We have also had some problems with the rabbits, lost a couple of kits, lost a litter of 1 week old kits to a leaky hutch, and my sons New Zealand red rabbit was stolen! We are going to be doing some serious evaluation of the rabbits too. Maybe selling some of the older rabbits and starting over with some better stock.

4H and baseball will be starting soon, so that means I will be busy busy busy soon! Between meetings, practice, games, and shows.

mummyschnauzer 02-09-2013 10:40 PM

HI Jessica, I haven't been on myself for a while. We are expecting lots of snow again this coming week. Talking of showing Crufts will be here soon around the 11th March, I hope to go, like seeing the Mini Schnauzers being shoen, and the day in general is good anyway. What type of Hawks do you have around, Can't you go tell him to eat someones else's Chicks!!!!!:)

JessicaR 02-12-2013 11:04 AM

HAHA! I wish i could, they are red tail hawks. Very beautiful, but not so much when they are going after your hens. So far it hasnt come back since I sent the shelties after him. Maybe he went off looking for easier prey, or maybe since it is warming up he is finding his normal food source again.

puggie_momma 03-05-2013 03:28 PM

aww.. poor chicks, hope no more hawks come. I've not been on the site in a long time. We've been laying low and giving my pugs a nice long rest. We've got a lot of snow here too. My male who is from this area hates the snow and refuses to go out in it, he tippie toes through it but my girls who come from up north near Canada LOVE the snow they straighten out the curls in they're tails and point they're heads down and run in circles as fast as they can, super funny to watch! Big macho man pug tippie toeing through the snow and the little girlie pugs rolling in it. Anyway i hope you and everyone else is doing well :)

JessicaR 03-16-2013 12:14 PM

So far the hawk has not come back! My flock has grown though! I have 2 silver laced and 2 golden laced wyandottes, and 2 buff orpington chicks, they are 4 weeks old now and will soon be able to go outside with the rest of the girls. I also have 6 pekin ducklings that are 3 weeks old, I am hoping to train some of my shelties to herd them. In May we will be picking up more ducks and meat chickens for my sons 4h projects.

Emily has graduated guide dog school and is now a working guide dog!!! Harley is doing great he is 7 months old now. Its hard to believe in 5 short months he we be going to guide do school :( They grow up so fast.

I still miss showing, but right now its just not in the cards for me. I think I have decided on a GSD as my next breed way in the future though.

CHRISBAKER 03-20-2013 06:11 PM

i am back
i have not been on since i lost my gsd age 14 yrs in nov o8 and a year later i lost my rough collie age 4 yrs old but in oct 09 i bought a white gsd i named her leah she is my constant copanion has ilive alone i was surprised our quite it is on here i can see there is still a few names that i remember

JessicaR 03-21-2013 10:40 AM

white GSD's are beautifull!

It would be nice to see this site become active again. So come on people start posting again, even if its just to say Hi!! :D

NoodlezxMama 04-28-2013 11:59 PM

Where have we all gone to??
Glad to see everyone doing well. There are those that I keep in touch with on facebook that are doing well also. Would love to get this active again!
As some of you know, I got married in September. After losing Roxy to seizures, my cousin gave me Belle, my now 1 year old chihuahua mix. I also have Tucker, my gsd/pit mix that came along with hubby. We just got a trailer, I am a teacher's aid now and my husband got a really good government job. We are doing great and are very happy. I miss you guys!

JessicaR 04-29-2013 12:41 PM

Congrats on getting married!! I am sorry to hear about Roxy :(

Baseball, track and 4H are in full swing so we have been busy busy busy here LOL! My son has decided to show meat ducks, meat hens and meat rabbits in addition to dogs and breeding rabbit class in 4H, so at the end of May we get to pick up new chicks and ducklings.

Its finally starting to warm up!! Going to be 70 today, of course in true Ohio fashion it will be warm for a few days then be cold again for a few days :rolleyes: The only bad thing about it warming up is the kids' allergies are starting to act up, I think I have been to the Dr.'s more this year than ever before!

I am going to be breeding Summer for the first time when she comes into heat this June. Hoping for a nice litter out of her, I already have several people on the waiting list for one of her puppies

Its hard to believe but in 3 months Harley will be going back to Pilot dogs to complete his guide dog training, time goes by so fast.

Brooke 08-15-2013 08:38 AM

I'm half here lol. Not often though!

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