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Resource guarding

It took almost 5 months, but last night I was able to feed the dogs together, in the same room, without Audrey going after Baloo over his food bowl! And that included ME leaving the room, out of her sight, having no control over what she did! For anyone that's ever dealt with a food aggressive dog, you know this was HUGE!!

I've been feeding them at the same time, in the same room for 3 weeks, but was there to supervise, and had to intervene the first few times, then again into the second week. I'm also seeing her allow Baloo and other dogs at her agility class take toys from her during play without her going ballistic.

I know it doesn't mean "problem solved", I know that it still could be a life-long project. But her resource guarding was the reason she was going to be killed after failing in 3 new homes.

NILIF works. I'm not sure that anyone could manage rescues with issues any other way!

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