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I used plans that I found online I didnt carpet the board like the plans said instead I painted it and added that anti skid stuff to the paint.
Build Your Own Agility Course: Teeter Board
Instructions below to build the "Teeter Board" agility course
What you need
• 8 1” 90° elbows
• 6 1” T’s
• 4 2 ¼ “ PVC
• 4 5 1/2” PVC
• 9 12” PVC
• 1 10” 1¼”pipe
• 1 board 2x10
• 2 plumbers straps 6” long
• Assorted screws
• Screw driver
• 1 piece Astroturf or indoor/outdoor carpeting to cover the board
Building the Teeter Board

2i. This is the start of the base of the rocker for the teeter board. You need four of these rocker bases. Take 1 T, insert small pipe 2 ¼” and elbow on one end of the T. Repeat three more times. These will make up the base.

2iii. The rocker base in the right position

2v. The rocker base completed
Take 4 12” pipes insert in the tips of the framework.
Take a 12” pipe and attach to each end of the completed framework.

4. Complete the framework by attaching the two remaining ends to the frame. Fit this apparatus around the pivot pipe.

5. Teeter board covered. Take the carpet and lay it over the board, secure it down with screws, cut to fit and attach screws to keep the carpet tight.
Your Teeter Board for dog's agility course is now complete.
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