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Hard Decisions

I wanted to let my friends know I took your advice in a way. Since my Mom passed away 07/04/11 I had some decisions to make. I was really tired of the ugliness in my life from my own family. Mom was a big part of that - always telling me I wasn't her child, I was not wanted, I didn't deserve, etc. Mom passed away last year. Brother shut me out of the whole process. He was her life...her reason to live. He also told me numerous times to "never f-ing call here again". He's got his wish. Youngest daughter decided to attack me one week after my Mother passed for something I could not possibly have anything to do with. She refuses to apologize nor will she admit the thing she accuses me of is not my problem - it's hers. Done.

For the first time in my life I am not depressed and unable to move. For the first time in my life I am free of the ugliness in my family. Not many families can do the Ozzie and Harriet thing. Mine definitely can't. We are screwed up. But I'm letting go. and so far it's good!
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