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To k9madmum: I started because my daxie boy has itchy skin, I checked for the obvious and found no reasons for him scratching, it looks like dermatitus so the vet suggested it could be a food allergy, so I decided to go for a natural diet and did some investigating. I'm slowly weaning him off dry complete, it's been about a week -as today is the first day without any dry food at all. I'm using tripe/minced chicken/lamb hearts/raw meat/fish/eggs/pureed veg and fruits(not all at the same time -I alternate!), I was put off by the thought of feeding them chicks and mice (only RMB small enough) and tried chicken wing tips as I am concerned about their teeth (eldest daxie is 6 and has always had dry food as this encourages clean teeth) I didn't want to ruin their teeth as they are beautifully clean. I'm going to carry on but not sure about the chicken wing tips.

To bulldog: Thank you -I will carry on, everyone has nice poops today and no one was sick yet!
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