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My son adopted a dog from the Humane Society a few years back. He was the smartest dog and was learning so many tricks. Unfortunately, I was the one at home all day and responsible for putting him out and bringing him back in. I would no sooner get him outside and he would start barking. I would have to wait and call him right back in as soon as he was finished potty duties. One of my neighbours called the police twice in one week because of the barking. We have a noise bylaw and the fine if they have to come more than once is $125 so after 2 calls to the police I was in a bind and had to get my son to return the dog. I do not know how other people cope in this situation, I am sure there are techniques to quiet the dog down and sometimes having another dog will help but if neighbours do not give you a chance to take measures and call the police without telling you first, then better get a barkless dog.

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