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Having issues with her again.

At first when we got her, she was fear-attacking or maybe it was dominance. Who knows...

Now we have her where she is a well rounded member of the pack. Shara and Tyra are always playing and having a good time.

Now she has become a chicken. Over night it seems, she has this attitude of no confidence whatsoever...

Noone has hit her, stepped on her, harshly corrected her. She was corrected months and months ago when we first got her to make her stop attacking the other dogs.

We had several months of her with confidence. She went to obedience classes where she was socialized and learned many things.

Now we are in a phase of patheticness. I am not sure what to do. I thought about emailing my trainer to see what she thinks but thought I would write here.

This has been going on for a few weeks...slowly she has been loosing confidence, now it is apparent there is a problem with her mentality, I just dont know how to fix or what to do?
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