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I still think about the day I met Neka. I walked into the kennel room and she was laying in the run. She looked at me and sat up. As i walked down the isle toward her she moved to the front of the kennel and sat down. All of the other dogs were barking and raising hell, but she just sat there.

I looked at 3-4 dogs there, and she was the only one that would pay any attention to me in the outside play yard.

When I got her home (several days later) she was very shy, and it took her awhile to warm up to me. But when it happened, it was like someone "flipped the switch" ... In the last year and a half, (before her passing), she was stuck to my side and the only reason I ever had a leash on her was to keep from getting a ticket from the local law.

Patchs is becoming more and more the same way. If we are out in the backyard, and I even take 2 steps toward the house she is RIGHT beside me with that "were we goin' dad" look in her eye.
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