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Originally Posted by Furbilator View Post
First, dare I say take a chill pill. I know this is important to you but you are taking this WAYYYYYY too seriously. Your frustration may and probably is rubbing off on the dog and causing some of the mishaps. Other mishaps may be because the dog isn't having fun or isn't getting the pleasureable response from obeying as she once did. Take a step away from training for a while, have some fun with her and practise building or rebuilding the bond between you and her first before you go back to training. Perhaps she will never be the perfect 'stayer' or 'obeyer'. Accept that and be happy with what she can give you at any moment in time. Dogs live in the moment and sometimes that moment doesn't correspond with our plans. LOL

I am going to comp end of this month, I do need to get this soild. Shara is fine on everything else. We have a soild bond, infact people say she wants to come to me so bad thats why she whines on the stays and eventually breaks to come to me.

I am having fun with Shara, we are even doing directive jumps, retrieves over jumps, and go outs, all which are fun and I had a good time last night TILL we did stays and she kept busting.

I took a months break from the club and classes, and worked on stays. I go to the club last night and shes breaking stays left and right. Somehow she doesnt know what I am asking or shes having seperation anxiety attacks. I do not know which it is or how to fix it.

The fact is I was COMPLETELY confident in Shara last night on her stays, I was on the other side of the ring talking and stuff, hanging out. There was NO tention in me whatsoever. Then she broke the stay, I went over and corrected it, only for her to pop up again and again. We took a break, did some retrieves and jumps, did some stays afterwards, I had 5 people stay and help be distractions and still she broke.
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