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Originally Posted by Furbilator View Post
As I read the first post I could feel your frustrations and hence I sensed that you were taking it too much to heart. Just do the best you can and let the chips fall where they may. Who knows, she may surprise you come show day and stay like her butt is glued down. You will just have to accept whatever performance she gives you and keep working at it if she fails.

Two paws forward some days and three paws backwards other days.

Good Luck,

Oh Furbs,

I am very frustrated. As I think she has it down, only for her to just flip out and not stay. I am very proud of her, she has come a long way. I just want her to succeed and show everyone what a good team we are and how hard we try and how smart she is.

I am going back to the city tonight for another class to see if we can try things to get her to stay. And going to petsmart AND petco to practice before then...

I will let yall know what happens tonight...I really got to get this down!
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