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So you say she has perfect stays at home and stuff, even with the most distracting of distractions yet when she goes to the ring she breaks them?

Isn't the problem obvious? Its the people.

Just curious have you tried practicing the stays with COMPLETE strangers around? And how many at one time?

If you haven't, I suggest you start doing so, start with one and then work your way up to a good group. Best if you do it also in an area that that she's never gone with you to.

Also, is she REALLY REALLY food motivated? If not, I wouldn't concentrate so much on giving her food treats while she stays. Put yourself in her shoes (if she had any ), when you are away and she is sitting all by herself, do you think that the biggest reinforcer is a piece of food? I would think not. The biggest reinforcer is coming to you. Have her stay for a while, praise her verbally, and then call her to you quickly (and not till now give her a treat). What you want to get her to understand is that she will eventually get to come to you, but first she must do what you ask. If she breaks her stay the best discourager you can use is to ignore her (not corrections).

Anywho, maybe you already knew this but I guess it was worth mentioning *shrugs*

Best of wishes! I'm sure she'll pull through!!

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