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I'm having a few problems with Charlie Boy, recently hes taken to barking at the front window that looks out onto the street. Hes barking at people going into their houses and walking past the house. But hes getting himself into a real state thats hard to break him out of. He has also started barking at my parrot and jumping at the cage.

He used to respond to the 'stop' command but its no longer working, as a pup i used a water spray and the command to jolt him out of an action i didnt like until he responded to the command alone. He does react and stop to the hiss produced by the air cannisters you can buy, but my lab is scared of it so i dont really want to use it.

any ideas? our neighbours were reported to the council because their westie barked at night and i dont want any trouble with charlie, we have enough problems because of the way he looks. hes such a lovely boy and other than this which has popped up we've not had any issues with his training.
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