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he's a PBT/staffie (we think) vet says no but the rspca say he is, either way hes my best boy

we seem to have gotten somewhere, hes now stopping with just a vocal command the 'stop' command which i use as a general all rounder for unwanted behaviour. everyone now and then he manages to sneak a bark in, but it was the frantic state he would get into i was trying to stop. hes gone into it once since ive started with the retraining which is pretty good. he snapped out of it fairly fast with my handy water spray in action.

when im not letting him bark he dashes around whining, its like he has to bark, the stage we are at now he no longer makes a noise at people walking past or going into neighbouring houses. hes allowed to watch but as soon as he tenses up he gets the 'stop' or 'come away' command.

every time charlie barks my lab runs out of the room, he wants no part in it!
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