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Originally Posted by JessicaR View Post
I dont post much anymore either, I have been busy with all the animals and kids. I think alot of people are now posting on facebook, which I really dont do. But I do miss reading all the happy stories people used to post.

Here is whats been happening with my gang

I will be picking up a new guide dog foster for pilot dogs tomorrow, a standard poodle. We turned Emily in 3 weeks ago.

I am going to be showing Summer soon now that she is finally starting to get some coat on her. I havent decided on what show though. There is one September 8-9th but Belle's pups will only be a couple of weeks old so i dont think i want to leave them home alone that long. I may just have to wait until the November show.

I also rescued a 6-7 week old kitten, that is mostly persian. He (Casper) was kept in a garage with a bunch of other cats. He has a severe case of fleas and earmites, also has tape and round worm on top of being anemic. He is scared of people but we are working with him.

My easter egger chickens are all laying eggs now and my 2 australialorps and barred rock chicks should be laying eggs soon. My son wants to get some broiler chicks to butcher, still thinking on that one. I can clean them no problem but I dont like killing them.

Kids are all back in school now. I cant believe my son is in 11th grade now my middle son is in 6th grade, and my youngest is in 3rd They grow so fast
pics of Casper please!!!
PS I love barred rock hens. My all-time friendliest hen was a barred rock

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