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Question Unleashing dogs in public..

I truly would like to know what goes thru peeps minds when they unleash their dog in public. I had a dog 15 yrs and can recall only twice my dog accidentally came off her leash, both times stopping my heart in fear.

i jog in a park and occasionally have been charged by unleashed dogs. They have never bitten me cause i come to a complete stop and motionless. To those that don't know that trick usually get bitten and then you got problems..

When i jog it is usually to relieve stress and sometimes while running i can have angry thoughts in my mind. If i see an unleashed dog i have to clear out my head fast. Dogs have a sixth sense that can pick up that negative energy from someone and perceive it as a threat to their master who i might be approaching rapidly.

So i would like to understand from some of you, who probably unleash their dog, why they do it. I'm sure you believe in good reasons. I want to start a debate that might change some opinions of some dog owners that i might save a few pets who get lost forever or get into regrettable trouble, Thanks..
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