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I can't say what to do but I feel like I want to throw a little answer in here. I've got nerve damage in my spine which causes limited use of my legs. Now I'm. It a dog, but I've had neuro surgeons pushin me to get this surgery where there is NO guarantee it will help, in fact there is a small chance it could make the condition worse. So I'd say to find out of the surgery will garantee improvement or what exactly the risks are associated with the surgery. As someone else mention they are never the same after the surgery, I can't speak from experience but I know that's how it is with people. Once you get one back surgery you'll soon need another and another.

I personally wouldn't do the surgery and would try the acupuncture and physical therapy. We have a pug in our Meet Up group with DM and she has been in physical therapy and acupuncture for a little while now and it's worked wonders on her! Her owners tell me all the time they'd recommend the acupuncture to anyone!
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