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Depends what you mean by 'in public' here thatcan mean in a park where we are most certainly allowed to unleash our dogs, on the beach etc etc

My dog is often unleashed in what I would class as public places. Safe places, I dont let her off walking along a road. But I could she wouldnt break a recal or a heel close cue.

I have no issuses letting her off in public places shes well trained and well cued and would NEVER launch herself at a jogger, a dog, a child etc etc - she knows better she would look to ask first and respond depending on the given cue - none of which would ever be 'go chase the jogger'

So no I have no problem with dogs being off leash in public places - if they are well trained. But lets be honest and untrained dog is a menace in any pleace leashed or not.
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