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ive done both videos i started w/ jillians 30 day shred didnt lose alto of weight but i got alot stronger and could tell in my clothes cause they were fitting loser....i personally love p90x ive lost 15 pounds and just into the second month i can tell a huge differnce ive lost inches and body fat percentage went down from 21 to 18 so im building good lean muscle it is intense though an hour a night 6 nights a week and then one of those nights its 90min for the yoga, plus 3night a week you do ab ripper wich is horrible, but amazing at the same time. so the p90x is worth the money of course keep in mind you will also have to by weights and a pull up bar or bands i use the bands instead of pullup bar. there both good dvds but for major change and results ide do p90x
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