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i started

going green during the summer when my grocery store was giving away recycleable bags when you returned your plastic. i had sooooooooooo many plastic bags that I needed 2 shopping carts!! they gave me 5 bags, and then i bought 5 more bags. i use biodegrageable trash can liners. i stopped buying bottled water as target had a great water bottle that didn't sweat and i carry it everywhere. i bought a brita water filter that sits on the counter so no more 1 gallon jugs either. our trash company doesn't allow us to use the green container for poop, so i just scoop and throw it into the trash. i try to throw as much as i possiblly can into the recycle container. I am getting better at going green.
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I am no major greenie, but I do try to do my part. Most of our plastic bags go to the thrift for them to reuse. So does anything usable that I am willing to part with including some Christmas gifts I will never use. I buy things there too. Double green, good for the environment and my wallet.

What I wonder is how do stores feel about other stores cloth bags? I have a huge, sturdy, orange bag from Home Depot. The local one is closed now. I do use it at Aldi's. They charge for paper or plastic bags and shouldn't see HD as a competitor. Would Wal*Mart welcome it? I am not about to take it to Lowes.
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Good for you GSDMama, one more step to a greener you.

I have been using cloth bags for years. I started back in highschool when I watched a documentary of wildlife being strangled/killed by garbage bags and those plastic holders some canned pops come with (also shown in the movie Happy Feet). Our city has a recycling program for everyone so you don't have to have (or pay for) a separate company come and pick up your recycleables . I also buy a lot of stuff in bulk to save on some of the packaging. I have eliminated most all toxic cleaning supplies from my house, using natural products like vinegar, baking soda, etc to clean. I choose products that are locally grown, organic or those aren't available or too costly at least not factory farmed. I do this to reduce the amount of money going out of the country to nations that have poor environmental, pesticide, etc standards, and reduce contributing to greenhouse gases/environmental harm or animal abuses. Going green doesn't really take anymore effort and can be less costly. I'm not a purist, but I think if everyone did a little, a lot can be accomplished.
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Our town encourages the use of cloth bags, and is hoping to phase out plastic bags altogether. The shire provides a large recycling bin for paper, glass, plastics, and we grow our own veg and some fruit, and compost the peelings and stuff the chickens don't eat. I try and buy most things from local suppliers - fish, meat, other fruit and veg - to reduce my "Carbon footprint" too. Just trying to do my bit!
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I've been using a canvas bag for shopping for about 10 years now; I can't imagine how many plastic bags I would have taken home. Living in the country, I compost and reduce garbage also.
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here in plymouth we have seperate bins for cardboard, plastics etc, general waste goes in one and recyclable things in another, we also have bags for garden waste and you can request crates for glass if you want them although we just go to our local bottle bank. its been like this for years now, you can get fined if you use the wrong bins. as for carrier bags its up to the supermarkets, some charge for them, others give you rewards if you bring your own. ive got a cupboard full of canvas and heavy duty carriers lol.

green is great and every little bit helps, even if its easing up your own conscience rather than making a huge difference to the environment
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