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Red face neurotic Pup here!

I have 2 dogs Bear 9eskie ) and Rocky (eskie-pom mix)..Rocky is nuts!
he barks and jumps and freaks out when he hears anything loud. He has even drained his anal glands when he got yelled at for tinkling on the carpeting. He is 3 yrs old and shouldn't be having accidents. Not sure if they are accidents because he does them in rooms we don't frequent. I think he is just to busy playing all day and not doing his business outside. Anyway! he is my neurotic dog, he is pretty funny! we always say "wheres your helmet, Rocky!"
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A shared pain and a shared joy

Jobi was an ordinary puppy, we kept him and his two sisters when their mother gave birth to her second litter. However, as he grew, he became more withdrawn and reclusive – he would even hide behind the sofa at home when he should have had nothing to fear, he was amongst his family of mother, brothers and sisters, a pack of 8 Cavaliers together with my wife and I. He was a loner and fearful of almost everything and would bark a great deal. His mother and other family members behaved rationally (well, you know what I mean), but he was apparently neurotic.

To take him out was an ordeal, he would bark at everything. So, I took up the challenge of helping him to overcome this problem. Every evening when few people and other dogs were about, I took him on a short walk around the streets. I ignored his reactions and just kept on walking. I did this for a year and eventually he gained confidence and we went on longer walks.

But still I sensed he was concerned (maybe frustrated ?). So, one day I took him onto the beach very early in the morning and let him loose.
His life was transformed from that moment – he was free in all that open space ! He ran and ran and ran around me in circles. He was re-born.

Now he loves life and is part of the pack.

When we are on the beach he never trots or walks, just runs. This is his great joy – he goes about 100 yards, then, almost as though there is an invisible barrier, turns and runs back to me. I never have to say a word. I love him deeply, felt his pain over such a long time, but now share his joy.

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Chris, that story made me want to jump for joy!! I can just picture it.
Way to go! You found his sense of well being and the love of his life - the beach!
Mrs. Canine Crazy~!
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Neurotic Lab

We have a 5 1/2 year old lab. About a year ago, he became fearful of his own shadow. He is also suddenly my (80 pound) lap dog. Whenever anyone in the house yells or even a small thing like a sigh, he runs away and climbs on whatever furniture he can, which he is not allowed on.
How can we retrain him not to be afraid? He loves his exercise and is focused on someone throwing the ball for him 24/7. PLEASE HELP we are going crazy.
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Ammens medicated powder or gold bond powder applied to area may help-next time advise groomer dog is sensitive and should not be shaved so close.
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I would have a behaviorist come over and try and figure out what is triggering the behavior. You must not reward (pay attention) to the fearful behavior or it will get stronger. It can be done but with patience. If it just started something is either wrong physically or emotionally. Hence it is good to see a professional so you don't make it worse. One way is to make a big deal over the fearful behavior. Good luck.
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