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I think that it is obvious that people still have great misconceptions as to what mental illness is all about. A dog that does nothing but turn in circles and bites its tail is obviously a dog that is very troubled. I am all for exercise and the "must" benefits it provides for dogs. These cases of OCD are painful and sad and the dog requires intervention. I believe that dogs can have or aquire mental illnesses the same as humans. Would we allow a human to handwash continually till they bleed or be stuck in their house with overwhelming fears or paranoid behaviours? I would hope not. Medications such as antidepressants, anti anxiety meds etc have a very important role to play in returning quality of life to those in need. If my dog was suffering with repetitive very uncomfortable behaviours that were uncorrectable by training exercise etc...I would be in line wanting relief for my dog. I think there is great misconception about antidepressants and "drugging" a dog. To me the drugging term means sedating, putting your dog in sleepy state or drowsy. Properly given these type meds only replace seratonin or other endorphens that are missing. What people don't understand is that going to swim or going for a walk or giving a dog a nylabone IS IMPOSSIBLE with some of these dogs--they are too disabled by illness! This requires your vet, a behavourist and a owner willing to work with a team to help deal with this. My point- don't disregard med for possible treatment plan if it will help your dog. We have so many stigmas with respect to mental illness and treatment. If your dog had a tumour and required chemotherapy-would you withold it?? A properly diagnosed mental illness should be no different.[/url]
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