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Smile shipping from breeder

I am trying to make arraingments to have my puppy shipped from a breeder in Texas to my home in NJ. Has anyone ever used UShip for shipping purposes?
I have 2 bids for travel by van/suv to my home but am not sure how reliable this is. It seems like a site like Ebay with feedback, etc. Just wondering if anyone has used this service.

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Posts: 1,949 experience with this. I'm getting a puppy next month but am flying out to get him.

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Ask your breeder for help. If they ship often they should be able to give you advice on this.
anytime we have had to ship a dog the dog has always flown via airlines, like Delta or USairs. The breeder takes the pup to the airport and makes sure the pup gets on the plane and you meet the pup at your airport.

Depending on how old and the sixe of the pup you can fly with him/her as you carry on item also. most airlines WILL NOT ship this time of year if the air temp is below 50 degrees...those plane bottoms get very very cold.

Best of luck
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As a breeder I already picked my airline of choice. Before I picked I talked to all of them via customer service. I took time and asked questions then I decided. There is a new airline that caters exclusively to pets, there prices are the same as the airliners but the dogs ride right in the cab of the plane. I forget the name though, maybe someone on here knows. I would choose them but they only fly out of certain places right now. They told me they plan to expand in the future.
Do your research. Call tons of places. I wouldn't do it if I couldn't talk to the people directly.
Good Luck with your new baby.
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I have never shipped a dog or received a shipped dog, but sadly I have read many horror stories on the subject I'm not telling you not to do it, I'm just sharing what I've heard and wishing you the best of luck with the shipping and your new puppy
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No help...but I have a happy story.

Many years ago our family dog came from the US to us in Canada and you guessed it, in the middle of a blizzard. Actually we considered naming her Blizzard for a time. Well her and a sibling were placed on a heated cargo plane by the breeder but the pilot didn't think it was quite warm enough for them so he removed them from cargo and placed them in the toasty warm cockpit the whole flight. He also hand delivered them to my Dad because he didn't want them sitting in the cold, however briefly while the remaining cargo was removed. The pilot said that he always made sure that if he had live cargo he would insist they are treated with the utmost care. Besides, he couldn't resist looking at those cute puppies snuggling and sleeping in their little crate. Although the pilot never confirmed it, my Dad thought that the pilot and his co-pilot had them riding in thier laps for a while because the pilot's pants and shirt were covered in dog hair. LOL

I myself wouldn't trust an airline with a pet, after all they lose luggage so easily.
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