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You might want to try the magazine rack at a Barnes and Noble or Borders. They have magazines such as Modern Dog, Dogs USA and Puppies USA. I remember a few articles that list hotels that accept dogs. I'll look through some back issues if there still laying around.
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When my husband, daughter, & I went away to a local hotel this past weekend, I asked if they took pets. They said they will take small dogs for $250 a night!!! Is that crazy or what? The one only other hotel I took my dog to was for $25, granted, it was a Travel Lodge hotel, but we stayed at a fairly new hotel in Del Mar. I guess it was due to the location. Is that over the top or is that normal for expensive hotels? Someone told me that a Marriott in Downtown San Diego takes pets for $25/night. I love my dog but geez, $250????, sorry, but he was fine staying at home with my bro-in-law and nephew to take care of him.
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Not that its a great chain but Motel 6 takes pets except where local laws prohibit it. When traveling accross country I stayed at the "6" each night w/ 2 dogs 2 parrots 4 cats never had a problem. The sorry part of the story I managed a hotel at the time but not all of the chain allowed pets. Each chain has a tvl guide thats lists pet friendly places and the deposits or non refundable deposits. Watch for big signs thats say they are pet friendly, they have large deposits non refundable sometimes. (they target the tired tvler)
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Heres a thought if you are tvling to a compitition (dog) call early get mgr and you should get a special rate if you tell them you well tell everyone about your reservation. In the lodging industry if you are going to have 20 rooms with dogs might as well fill it w/ dogs, then no complaints of barking. I had filled the house with Jack russels, beagles, and labs. At an event somtimes the rates will be lowered to fill it, it depends on bussiness and the hotel/motels needs at the time. Go for the discounts!!!! Oh and business rate IS LOWER the govt rate.
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Check these hotels out

Hotels are Going to the Dogs Take your four-legged family members along to one of these pet-friendly seaside resorts.Text by Eleanor W. Hand

Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Coronado, California
Join the latest doggie trend of surfing with Su’ruff Camp. A one-hour lesson with Coronado Surfing Academy at Dog Beach includes board shorts or a surfing bandana from Lucky Dog, a San Diego dog boutique. After the exercise, a room service meal of beef tenderloin and salmon satisfies the tired boarder; 800/815-6397 or The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, Florida
Enroll your disobedient friend in one of three levels of “petiquette” classes taught by certified Humane Society instructors. After learning some social skills and good manners, your dog earns a personalized doggie biscuit. Human companions also receive a gift—a dog-related book or doggie golf club; 239/593-2000 or

See rest of article at:,00.html
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the tourist board over here publishes a book on pet friendly hotels so that helps but i would ring around and find out if there are any for where you are going
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I am looking for a pet friendly hotel too. We go to Palm Springs every November for a softball tournament. We have been kenneling the dogs and we hope to find a nice hotel that we can go to. I wished that the Holiday inn express did, it is 1 mile from the park and the grocery store is right next door. And a great family resturant next door, I am bummed. We need to be close to the stadium/ball parks. So I have a lot of searching to do. They will be with us at the park all day and if we stop anywhere they will be in their kennels in the back of the truck on lock down! lol!

ok last pst i really need to do some scent trailing with the dogs.
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