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Most of the time they go with us, whether its camping or to the in-laws.. Next week we leave for Jamaica (the only time Ive ever been away from the boys for more than 2 days)..I'm a wreck...but gramma is coming to stay here with her dog... so, they should be happy pups...
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Originally Posted by 2dogscrzy4ball View Post
How many of you take your dogs w/you?
How many of you board your dog at the vets? Or at a nice boarding facility?
How many of you can't enjoy your vacation from worrying about your dogs?
How many of you just DON'T go on vacation because of your dogs?
Lastly, what are the "extras" you leave w/your dog while boarding them?

Well our first v-cay from joey was a cruise in hawaii. so joey had to stay home.
right after that we went to palm springs for a softball tournament so we left joey with our trainer.
then our next v-cay was to new york. joey stayed at the boarding facility at the vets. we had looked at other boarding facilities and they charged extra if you brought in your own food. extra play time was $5 per 10 minute session. we felt joey would be more comfortable at the vet's since he knew everyone and they love him and he had his own food and toys and a spacious kennel and since the extra playtime sessions were 2.50 per 20 mintues and he got more than that since he was the only dog that weekend so he was in the yard a lot.
then the next getaway was 2 months later back to palm springs for the tournament. elsa was just a baby so we took her to the trainers house along with joey and they had fun.
then this past november it was a tough decision. we were heading back to palm springs for another softball tournament. i was looking into hotels for dogs. the team wanted to stay somewhere else which was a mile from the fields, the grocery store was right next door, they served hot breakfasts for free. so we stayed there and the dogs stayed at the vets office. i so wanted to bring the dogs, but they got a v-cay from us and us from them. it was hard. so i am thinking about taking them this coming november.

with the dogs stay with the vet i feel safe knowing that if anything happens to them the office has their whole history, the dogs know everyone there and the dogs feel secure and safe. plus my brother lives 5 minutes up the street so he could go and check on them if needed.

they get to take the kitchen sink. they don't get to take the squeakers as i feel it would drive the other dogs crazy. but the get their balls,kongs,bones,treats, and regular food and i make it very easy for the tech to give it to them. the bags are label with the dogs name,date and breakfast or dinner, which includes in the bag their vitamins. so really it is home away from home.

iam tryng to talk hubby into taking the dogs to san fran. elsa was born south of their a place called hollister, so i would like for her to see her mom and dad. i am still working on hubby. there are a lot of neat places for dogs to stay and take them places.

i was watching fine living one day and forgot to tivo when they were showing s.f and the b&b for dogs. it was real cute.

but with the way things are i think that we will just be going to palm springs again. it is a fun weekend and the weather is great and the dogs can go to the field of dreams park.

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rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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