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Airline just for dogs $149 special

Pet Airways is the first airline exclusively dedicated to pets - no humans please - and they take the job of providing a comfortable experience for pets very seriously. They promise to transport your pet with lots of love, care, safety, and comfort in the main cabin.
Pet Airways was started by Don and Alysa Binder, who loved to travel but hated leaving their dog, Zoe, behind. And like many pet owners, they couldn't stomach the thought of their loved one flying in the cargo hold. As they met friends, neighbors and even complete strangers who felt the same way, a new airline was born.
"On Pet Airways, your pets aren't packages, they're "pawsengers." And every step of the journey, we'll take care of them as if they were our own. Because that's exactly the way we'd want our Zoe to be treated," claims Alysa Binder, co-founder of Pet Airways. All protocols and pet handling procedures are conducted under the guidance of famed veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber.
Here's how it works:
1. Drop you pet off at the Pet lounge, located at the airport (see list of available cities below). Pets must be checked in a minimum of 2 hours before take off but if you need to drop off earlier than that, they will board your pet in their PAWS Lodge for up to 72 hours.
2. Pet Airways monitors the last time your pet had a potty break and makes sure they get regular breaks along the way.
3. Pets board the plane and Pet Attendants secure them in their custom-sized carrier. When you make your reservation you let them know the size of your pet so they can choose the most appropriate carrier. They can accommodate the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane and everything in between.
4. A Pet Attendant will monitor and check the comfort of every "pawsenger" every 15 minutes during the flight. Once they land, pets are escorted off the plane, given a potty break and taken to the Pet Lounge.
5. Your pet will be waiting for you at the Pet Lounge at your destination airport. Again, if your travel times don't allow immediate pick up, your pet can stay overnight at the PAWS Lodge until you arrive.

See rest of article at:
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Great, really great!
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About time too! Love it.
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It is a great idea. Although I don't think you should take your dog/cat on an airplane so frequently...too stressful on the dog I would think.
But still a great idea especially for people in dog shows or the like who need to know that Fido will arrive safe and sound.
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