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Acupuncture a hit for chronically ill pets

Residents try out alternative medicine for pets

by Erin Donaghue | Staff Writer

Like many older dogs, Buster the beagle suffers from a few health problems. At 15, the dog has chronic sinusitis that causes breathing trouble and can turn into pneumonia, while torn ligaments lead to pain that can affect his mobility, said his owner, Chris Shoulet.
After being told by several veterinarians that the dog should be euthanized, the Bethesda resident turned to holistic medicine to cure Buster's ills. According to Shoulet, holistic treatments including acupuncture have worked wonders for her furry friend.
"He usually goes right to sleep as soon as the needles go in," Shoulet said.
Shoulet takes the dog to Veterinary Holistic Care in Bethesda for the acupuncture treatments, during which a specialist places the tiny needles in the dog's skin at specific points connected to the central nervous system. They remain in place for about a half hour, Shoulet said.
The alternative treatment helps Buster relax, manage his pain and breathe easier, Shoulet said. "He goes from not being able to walk at all to being able to run around like a madman in the backyard," she said.
Across the county and the country, more pet owners are seeking out holistic treatments for their pets, and acupuncture is one of the most popular remedies, said Carvel G. Tiekert, executive director of the Bel Air-based American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. "A huge number of people look for these treatments for themselves, and they say ‘Well, if I'm getting this done for myself, then why shouldn't I do this for my animal?"
At the core of holistic veterinary care is shying away from the "band-aid" philosophy of traditional medicine, Tiekert said.

See rest of article:
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An intruiging article Not too sure if I'd try it myself, but who knows.

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Acupuncture's hit or miss. With those it works with, I've seen it do wonders. It is not a quick fix and takes quite a few treatments to see noticeable difference in most. Works best when started before the condition being treated is severe obviously, and should be used in conjunction with traditional methods.

I've worked with 2 veterinary acupuncturists. It's not b.s.
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