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Nikko's story.

Hi everyone my name is Nikko and i am a german sheperd chow mix. i was placed on the sidewalk and tied to a telephone pole and left. i don't know why i was lefted there. i thought maybe my owners would come back for me, but they never did. then 2 boys came to my rescue and took me away. i was kindof scared not knowing what was going to happen. the 2 boys took me to a home where i saw a girl and the home was nice and cozy. she took me to the vet and i got checked out from head to toe. then i was taken to the store to get food and a bed. we would go for long walks and where ever momma went i went. anytime people would come over i would run to the door to say hi.

one day momma got married and i really like my new dad. he would let me sleep on the bed and after awhile so did momma. i had a backyard with grass and plenty of room to run. i liked when grandma came over cause i would run and jump on the couch and if she didn't hurry up i would go and get her and she would come with me and we would sit down on the couch together and she would pet me for hours.

one spring day my other grandma was visiting and i was sitting next to her and dad and dad was petting me and he finally found a sore on my mouth. it bothered me but i didn't complain. they took me to dr's and it wasn't good news. i had cancer in my jaw. they had to take 2 teeth that were infected. they kept taking me to the dr to make sure that the cancer did not spread. one morning very early i started to shake real bad i did not know why. momma was scared she called for dad and she was so soothing her voice saying it was ok and we were going to the dr and i would be fine and to relax. i had a seizure. the next day they took me to see my own dr. they talked for a long time about how i was doing and what to expect and to start medication. well things weren't going to well. i started to have problems getting up on the bed. i started to hurt. i was getting arthritis. so more medication. then things started to get blurry. i wasn't seeing clear. it was hazy. i was walking into things. my eye sight was going. then after several months mom was calling me and i couldn't hear her very well. she had to the keep a leash on me and she would tug on it if she wanted me. i wasn't able to go anywhere anymore due to the arthritis. i would hurt it they tried to pick me up. so i was left home alone alot, though they won't be gone for long cause they felt bad. or one of them would stay home with me.

things were ok for awhile actually for a long time i was getting use to getting around and mom and dad would help me a lot. then the shakes started to come back one every so often. so they gave me more medication.

one morning mom went to work and dad would be home soon after lunch. well i had a really bad shake. i was alone and scared no one home to help. i tried to get up but i couldn't. i had cut myself. i just laid there till dad gone home. even when dad gone home i wouldn't get up. he tried to get me to stand and i couldn't. mom came home soon after and she tried and so after we were in the car going to emergency. i had to stay there. they put several needles in me and i was scared. the next day mom and dad came to get me but the dr said that i had to go and see my own vet. i was real bad off. the dr said i had to stay there and that they could bring a blanket from home and they could visit me. mom and dad were real sad when they came but they would encourage me to walk.

the next day mom and dad came to visit me and they took me outside. dad had to carry me. mom was crying cause i couldn't walk. dad put me down and with all of my strength i got up and took my last steps to mom she was sitting on the grass and i went to her and gave her a kiss and then i collasped. my legs couldn't hold me. they took me back and they gave me kisses and hugs.

by the time they left i had 3 more shakes very bad and mom and dad were back in no time. mom was crying and crying. grandma was there too and she was crying. the dr said that i had not eaten and that the shakes were so bad that there would be more and sure enough while they were there with me i had another shake. mom and dad had to make a very tough decision. they knew i would no longer have a very good life if i made it thru the night. they could see that i was suffering and mom did not want to see me suffering any more. we stayed together for a very long time. mom kept saying that she was very sorry and that she would never forget me and that she wants me to be healthy again. mom, dad and grandma sat there and kept crying and rubbing me. the dr kept coming back into the room to seeing if we were ready. mom kept saying no. they gave us as much time together as we needed. the last time the dr came into the office mom wanted to take me home but the dr said no because i had needles in me to keep me alive. mom needed more time. mom said again that she was sorry and she wishes that i could be around longer but it was my time. she did not want it to be. she kept giving me kisses and wouldn't let go. then the dr came in and asked if we were ready. mom said no but it must be done. the dr said that we could stay and so they did. mom gave me kisses and hugs as i slipped away.

i could see from above mom and dad petting me and i could feel their love for me and i will never forget them i will be waiting for them at rainbow bridge. it is so beautiful here the sun is shining and i have no more pain. i can run and play and roll in the grass.

mom and dad had to decide what to do with my remains. i am now at home with mom and dad and my brother and sister. i have my place with my collar and toy with a poem about rainbow bridge.

i know that i am no longer with mom and dad, but i live in their hearts and i can hardly wait to see them.
rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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This lady keeps driving by my road and stops to look at me. She stopped a few days ago and they took me out of my pen. It was cold and almost snowing. I was so afraid of everyone then. Now she just stops and looks at me while she sits in her car. {Blaze describing what the heck was happening prior to me breaking down and taking her in. She was in a pen across the street from her owner in a pen with straw, free fed, and water. It was 20-40 degrees each of these days}

The lady is back and they are pulling me toward her car. Wait, wait, what is happening. They are picking me up and putting me in a pen in the back of those big things that whizz by my pen. Oh the big thing has stopped. Now the lady is two ladies and they are trying to pull me every which way out of that pen thing. I got my back leg caught and screamed. I was then drug into a big giant pen with this green stuff. The lady went into a big giant building and kept calling me something...I did not know what she was saying but she kept trying to get me to come.

I got to some blocks and did not know what to do. The lady went up them to the building but I had never done that before. I was soo scared. Finally, she helped me up the cement blocks and I was in a building..I was shaking all over and crawling on my belly. The ground was not dirt or straw..I had never felt this slippery stuff..I moved a bit further on my belly and the ground got soft and I got more scared. Then another dog came in and she was so nice. She made me feel safe. She watched and let me crawl to her. She did not come to me and scare me more. How was I to know that she had never let any other dog in the house or in her car. Yet, the next day, she and the lady took me hiking and she followed me to make sure I never got lost and we have been best friend for 9 years. I am more afraid of Opie now, then when I first came. She figures now I should be a bit more grown up and not such a sissy. The more I act afraid the more she terrorizes me. But, if she had not accepted me 9 years ago, my mom would have given me away to someone else and I would have missed my life with mom and Opie. Thank you siss.

Everyone you have until next week to enter the contest.
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You have 2 more days and then this contest is closed and I will draw the winners of the whole dog journal and paintings. I already have the next contest setup. It is kind of interesting.
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Originally Posted by k9mania View Post
You have 2 more days and then this contest is closed and I will draw the winners of the whole dog journal and paintings. I already have the next contest setup. It is kind of interesting.
Can't wait to see what the next one is!

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ARR ARR ARR...snuffle...snort...ARRRR. Hannah is what my first family called me, but that was a long time ago. I've lived with four different families, and I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the one I have now. See, somehow I got into trouble. My first family thought I was bad, even though I was just a puppy. I went to a rescue place for doggies. That's where you go if your family decides they don't want you anymore. If you're lucky. I went to another family, and then another. When I would try to talk to them they would move away from me and not want to pet me anymore. They told me I was bad. I like to be petted and hugged, but I like to talk too, and most people don't like big girls that make noise, I guess. Anyway, after the third family decided they didn't want me, I got taken to a place called a dog shelter. It was cold. There wasn't anything soft on the floor and it made my elbows and hips hurt. I was there for a few days, and even though people came to visit some of the other dogs, and even took some of them away with them, no one came to see me. I would see people coming, looking in the runs and I'd whisper ARRR ARRR ARRR to them, but they would just hurry on past me. One day the man that looked at me and talked to me when I first got there came and put a tag on my door. I knew it wasn't something good, and I wanted to pull it down, but I couldn't reach it. Arrrrrr
A little while later, this woman came walking down the aisle and was saying "where is she?" "where is Hannah?". I didn't recognize her voice, but somehow she knew who I was. I started yelling real loud, "ARRR ARRR ARRR!"
Then she was there, in front of me. She smiled at me and said "you just like to talk!", so I talked to her some more. "ARRRR ARRRR AAAARRRRRRR", and she said "I like you, too!", She knew what I was saying! She knew!! And she petted me through the gate, and told them to turn me loose! The man put a lead on me and the woman grabbed it and said "she's coming with me!".
On the way to the lady's house (it's where I live now), she kept talking to me and telling me to talk to her. She even ARRR ARRR ARRR'd along with me, and she laughed and I grinned at her. We had the best time talking that day!
She told me I could keep my real name, Hannah, but that she was adding on to it. She said my new name would be Hannah GRRRL. It was funny how she said it and I swatted a paw at her, and she swatted back and we ARRR ARRR ARRR'd at each other some more. When we got to her house, she made me wait while she went inside. Then she came out with all of these dogs that looked just like me!! Well, some were pretty like me, and some were not. ARRR.
All of the other dogs came toward me, and I said ARRR ARRR ARRR! and smiled at them. The biggest one came up and we sniffed each other, and he smiled back at me! They liked me! This Mamma doesn't seem to mind that I talk, and now I get to lean up against her before she goes to bed at night and I say ARRR ARRR ARRR right into her ear, real soft-like, and she says ARRR ARRR I LOVE YOU ARRRR! into my ear. I like it here. A little girl and a really little boy come and stay sometimes, and I've taught them to say ARRR ARRR ARRR, too. They're so cute. I'm glad the new Mamma came and found me.

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Chip's story of how we met ...

I was just brand new ….. I have to admit that at the time I really didn’t know much. In fact, I only got my eyes working about a week before I first met the guy.

I was laying in a nice warm box in a heated garage room with my six brothers and six sisters. I was just minding my own business, and actually, I had just come back from the fence place where I had left a smelly and watered on the green stuff that we sometimes eat. (I only eat the stuff along the fence ‘cuz you never know what the stuff in the middle has had on it).

Anyway, I was just getting settled in for my nap when I heard the lady that fed us come into the garage room. At the same time, I heard dad outside. He was talking really loud and telling mom that someone was coming toward us. Mom growled a little when we heard a door open. A minute later there were to tall humans, that I hadn’t ever smelled yet, looking down at us. We all got up and went out of the box to see what they smelled like.

As I got close to them I could feel that they were both really nice. They bent down and put their hand out for me and sis to smell. But I fooled them …. I licked them!!! By the way, they tasted pretty good.

Just then, one of them picked me up off of the ground. His hands were strong and as he held me, I could tell that he was being really careful not to hurt me. With one finger he petted me on the head and then he stroked my back. It felt wonderful.

As he did it, he was saying something to his friend and the lady that fed us. I didn’t know the language, but I could tell it was good. They were all smiling and feeling all happy and stuff.

Then something happened that I wasn’t to sure about. He put a red thing around my neck. It felt strange and I didn’t like it at first. Then he put me down and let me go back and play with my brothers and sisters.

I was kind of sad to see them leave because they were nice to me. Over the next few weeks a lot of humans came in and looked at us, but no one really spent any time looking at me or petting me. I was thinking that it was the red thing around my neck. I tried to get it away from me, but I couldn’t do it.

Just when I thought that I was going to be ignored forever, he finally came back . This time, he had a long thing with a hook on it. He put it on the red thing and he led me to his car and took me for something he called ride. The ride lasted for a long time but when we got outside again he called it home. I really like home because I can always hang out there with him.

With him I lived happily ever after!!!!

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One day I met this really nice lady. I had been in a home where they were not happy with me as I did not potty where they wanted and they were talking about taking me to a place to go to sleep. Well a nice man came and said he had the perfect mommy for me and took me to her. She was so loving and nice and I did everything I could to please her. I even learned to potty in the right place, just for her.
We had so much fun over the years and she and I had such a close relationship it was like she understood me. I guess I was about 14 and I was starting to feel sick alot. I could not see or hear anymore, but my mommy did everything for me. I would lay on her lap and she just made me feel better, but soon sitting on her lap did not help. I remember one night in bed with mommy and trying to tell her that I hurt she said to me that she was not ready to let me go and I said in my way ok.
On a really bad day for me I sat at her feet and looked into her eyes and she understood so we went to our favorite place and had a really good time talking & cuddling and just being together. She said to me that she was going to make me feel so much better and that I should wait for her somehow I understood and told her ok mommy.
Now I am laying in my mommy's arms wrapped in my favorite blanket and I feel so much better, just sleepy but so happy that the pain in gone, I guess my mommy was right as she always has been my whole life.
I will be there for you mommy ready to play and lay in your lap again. Thank you for all the fun times we had and thank you for loving me and letting me love you. I am so happy I did not know how to potty for those other people, otherwise I would not have met you. See you soon. Love Gizmo

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