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Originally Posted by CerbiesMom View Post
Love the pics with Elsa and friends. That is too cute. Unfortunately, chickens are the only thing Cerbie has ever shown prey drive toward. He's ok with ducks, though.
Chickens can really bring out prey drive. I had a Collie/Shepherd that went wild around chickens and stray dogs that have come into the yard and killed chickens in the past.
Elsa started with week old ducks that she protected so when the chickens joined the flock, she became their protector too.
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thats one of the reasons i am waiting. right now Summer is only 3 months old and loves to play the favorite sheltie game calle I jump on your head! I am afraid she would accidently kill or injure a chick. She trys to play that game with the bunnies and the cat. They dont like that game So right now I am teaching leave it so she now whats appropriate play for other species of animals
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Hello! We have 9 hens. An important thing to remember with chickens is that they love to scratch and kick. In our chicken coop they tend to dig around the fenced area that keeps predators out, so we need to keep filling it in. My boyfriend came up with a great watering invention we have hanging in our coop. Its a water holder with chicken nipples. Its an L-shaped pvc pipe that he screwed chicken nipples into. It holds a ton of water, keeps it fresh, and lets the chickens peck at it and receive the amount of water they want at any time. They are great we get an egg a day from each and we sell around 5 dozen a week to locals =)
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and what do sex toys have to do with chickens? any way we can stop this jennylachaude from posting spam here?

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