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BARF diet

anyone want to explain it to me in fewer, more understandable words then the websites?
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I think it is a raw diet only. That has been my understanding of it.
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Talking Barf Diet

I just left a message on my thread about this diet. I just tried it on my dog with valley fever who wouldn't eat. Guess what? He is LOVING it and eating better than he ever has in his entire life. After a lot of research, and asking several friends who feed the BARF diet, here is a short version of what I know. All food must be need to include bones (bones will not splinter when raw, only cooked bones splinter) and some people swear by adding certain raw veggies (must be chopped because dogs can't digest the cellulose in pure form. Some people add supplements. Some people can't get over the bone part so they buy or grind their meat and bones.) My dog is enjoying the chicken bones (everything except leg bones....too big) and likes them even better than the chicken meat. The necks and legs are very good for them as well as turkey necks, and organs. I started my dog "cold turkey" if you will, and he never had gas, loose stools or anything. They say its not like switching regular dog food where you have to do it slowly. I let him just eat chicken for the first 5 days, now I've added raw diced carrot, egg, and cottage cheese. I will begin adding other types of meat. THere are many good websites for more detailed info. I never thought I would be a believer in this, but hey.............its working!
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barf diet and raw diet are 2 different things
i think that the barf diet includes vegetables and carbs were as raw is just raw meat and bones
my 3 are on the raw diet they have raw meat in the mornings and rmb in the evenings also once during the week they will have a raw egg with shell and some fish with omega oils. everynow and then they will have some natural yogurt
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I have fed the BARF diet for over 13 yrs. I think it is the best for my dogs. We lost 2 fur babies last year. one was 13 the other one was 10. They both were raised on it. They were never sick. They were very healthy and had beautiful coats. I have been feeding the dogs ,that we got after the 2 died, the Barf diet too. We also have a 10 almost 11 yr old that was raised with the 2 that died last year. She has also never been sick and she has a beautiful coat. On this diet they don't have bad breath and less Poo. And the raw bones keep their teeth clean..
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Here is a great link on BARF and other raw diets,
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BARF is the term coined by Ian Billinghurst and is often though as a moniker for either Bones and Raw Foods or Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.....
A few years back he decided that nobody could use the term BARF if they weren't advocating his specific form of the diet.

however, raw diets can mean many things to different people. I have been feeding raw to my pack of 7 for 8.5 years now. Like the above poster who started feeding raw way before it became popular. I also have seen improvements in my dogs coats and overall health. We began years ago after our golden developed intolerances to kibble.

Of course the AVMA and most vets are against a raw diet but of course we also know that Science Diet funds a great deal of medical scholarships and there is little research on raw diets due to difficulty in standardization as most people who feed a raw diet do so in subtly different ways.

Bacteria exists in raw meats..... that we do know.... but the reality also is that as long as a dog doesn't already have a compromised immune system and it is from a reputable source, that dogs don't get sick from it in the same way as people would..... we also know that is is very important to clean countertops and wash hands thoroughly.

There are many many people feeding raw food, and dogs are not dropping dead at the alarming rates one would expect if all of these terrible bacteria were killing off dogs.... My own vet has started to experiment with raw with his dogs and cats after seeing more and more healthy raw fed dogs.

Raw diets are not for everyone..... but at this point I have weaned three litters to raw and had several pregnant girls who have eaten nothing but raw foods and there no horror has befallen them....they have also lived beyond the average age for their breed and are going strong in a breed that has an average age of 6... we have seen a decrease in ear infections and hot spots and connor no longer has bloody "dire rear" ..... We have less poop in the yard, healthy teeth that don't require cleaning, great coats, and puppies that have grown to be breed champions.

the cats love the raw food although it doesn't seem to set with them well (darned ragdolls and their sensitive tummies)

But for my pack this is what we choose to do.
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first raw meal!

I did it! today Belle has started eating raw! after the initial shocked look at the raw wings in her bowl, she loved it!! So for now we are starting with chicken next I am going to add rabbit, since my son knows someone that raises meat rabbits.
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How carefully did you look into that?
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Good luck with the switch over. Make sure you give supplements like probiotics, proenzymes, and some other recommended products to make sure it is well rounded. Lots of vets are against it. But you can find lots of vets that agree with it and feed raw. You just need to make sure you are getting your meat from reputable places and working with it carefully.
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