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Doesnt seem to be very many people on this site anymore How is everyone and there pets doing?

It has been pretty cold here in Ohio, though it has warmed up a bit it is 20 degrees today. Of course the shelties dont seem to mind the cold too much, they still love to go out and run around the yard. THe poodle not quite as happy, but he has shaved feet so more exposure to the snow that way.

I also have decided to take a break from showing (not that I did to much) its a little too expensive right now with gas being so high, plus entry fees. I am retiring Belle anyways since she will be 6 y/o next month. THat combined with I only have 1 other dog that is showable means I need a break. I have been seriously been considering switching to a different breed in the future, just havent decided which breed. I love my shelties, but any one who has owned one will tell you they are not normal LOL! For now I am going to focus on fostering guide dogs, that will help with the puppy withdrawals until i figure out what to do. Which will be awhile since I am not going to start with new dogs until some of my other dogs have passed away. So hopefully not for 5+ years.

We lost a hen last week to a hawk! He better not show up again if he knows whats good for him! So I now have to work this spring at making my pen hawk proof especially before I get my new chicks. Its going to hard to do since they have a pretty good section of the yard to run around in.

We have also had some problems with the rabbits, lost a couple of kits, lost a litter of 1 week old kits to a leaky hutch, and my sons New Zealand red rabbit was stolen! We are going to be doing some serious evaluation of the rabbits too. Maybe selling some of the older rabbits and starting over with some better stock.

4H and baseball will be starting soon, so that means I will be busy busy busy soon! Between meetings, practice, games, and shows.
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