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leash lashing part 2 the acceptance!

i'm so happy to all of you for all your help. i've been giving Bella peices of cheese while we are outside by ourself. i have her sit and put the leash on and give her cheese then "heal" and stop and sit and give her cheese. these are only about 5 steps in between. and our whole session lasts about 5 min but it's working. she only had 2 thrashing episodes today but it's a far cry from the death roll and just laying down. she is walking great and i have her sit before i take the leash off, treat her and then we have a 3 min play session after which she loves loves to fetch but of course she would, she's a lab lol!

thanks again and soon i'll even have a pic of her on the leash so you guys can see how absolutely beautiful she is! she's really the most gorgeous chocolate lab ever! and for being 1/4 rotty, you will think she's pure, champ line! the best freebee dog ever! next step is getting her in the house and comfy in my daughter's bed
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So glad to hear things are going well! Keep up the good work!!
Love your pets like theres no tomarrow!!
come watch and comment on my videos!
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thats great news. keep up the good work!

My loyal friend forever in sunshine

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