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New puppy soon!

We go tomorrow to look at a Weimaraner puppy. We have been looking
into this breed since we moved to Idaho. My boyfriend is a hunter
and is looking for a great dog that has much energy. After researching the
breed we have made the decision to go with the Weim. Anyone have
any experience with this breed? Pointers or suggestions? Male or female? Thanks!! -Alicia
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I LOVE Wimies! They are great dogs. Puppy years...they can be a bit crazy and full of energy, glad the dog will have a job to do

It doesnt really matter the sex so long as the dog is well trained and all that good stuff..

Girl- if not getting fixed would have to deal with seasons. Dogs-if not taught controll can mark and hump
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I am sure any puppy you choose will be perfect. Of course I am partial to females now. Lexcee is the smartest most loving dog I have ever had.
Enjoy picking out your baby!!!!

Susan & The Turf Gang
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