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Talking #1 Contest What kind of pet service?

We recently had a major discussion about dyeing dogs. This is a service that many of us would not use but is marketable and wanted. There are tons of services that can come out of pet ownership that people can make money on. Do not include facilities because that is another one of the contest questions. Do not only tell us the service describe your vision of how it would work.

What kind of pet SERVICE(not product) that is not already invented do you envision as a good marketable necessity or convenience for pet owners?
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I would like to have a Mobil educational service. It would travel around to elementary schools teaching children all about dogs. All the different breeds and what they looked like. How to care for a dog in health and nutrition. How to behave around a dog and how dogs can help us in everyday life and the service they provide to humans.
If dogs could train humans it would be a perfect world!!!
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(along similar lines of Grizzle)

I would want to have a mobile training unit. Trainers would travel from city to city and help dog owners get sit, stay, come, down and lay taught to their dogs. The unit would stay in each city for one week so the new owner and dog get the basics down pretty good. They would then be given a phone number to contact as well as a list of local trainers if they need further help. A pamplet filled with the same basic training information would also be given as well as one free session with a local trainer.

I think this would greatly help in some of the run-away dog cases and help people keep their dog calm at home when visitors come over. It will reduce the need for people to want to get rid of their dogs because they don't listen. More people would be able to safely take their dogs to local parks and not worry about their dog running off or doing something they aren't supposed to do because they will have been trained to sit/stay/come. This can save multiple dog lives, IMO.
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I would provide a service for the handicap. As a future special education teacher, I know how much joy is brought by animals to these children/adults. I would provide a service that would help place the perfect animal into their home! We would take the time to fully asses the person's needs/wants and also the special traits of the dog. This may be a double positive seeing that their are so many special need dogs out their that need a home.
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pet bereavement service

this service would aid owners to cope and overcome their loss it would offer such things of crematorium, burrials, rememberance service, support help line to talk, meating area for groups. tomb stones, music, caskets, and a web site with free and easy access to deal with all needs and questions dealing with pet death for both children and adults. including a forum.

rememberealia such as videos, photo's, sculptures,poems ect of their pets could be made, to help have a keepsake of their pet.
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I would have trainers that go to peoples' houses when they get home from work, and stay with them for 3-4 hours to teach them how to teach their dog. I would want this service to be advertised at shelters and rescue groups, so that when ppl get a new dog, they can learn how to help the dog learn, and this would hopefully reduce the number of adopted dogs that get returned. This service would be for the first week or two(depending on the dog and the people) and there would be an option for a pre-dog visit so the trainers can help the future owners dog or puppy-proof their house.
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Great ideas and many could be businesses. What other services everyone? You are going for a drawing for the sculpture in prizes for 1st drawing in 2008. Think out of the box. Think of services that are needed for the lifestyles in your area.
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Free Emergency Pet Care

I believe I would like to see an emergency pet hospital that helps all pet emergencies regardless of ability to pay. I had an experience with my baby girl like this and it was traumatizing to say the least. I had to sit all night with her and wait for my vet's office to open. She almost died. Something about that just was't right. Non emergency situations would of course see their vet and follow up with their vet.
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the best holiday ever...

well, what i would do, is start a new kind of holiday. a whole chain of doggy friendly places to stay - not just your usual dog friendly cottage, but a place where you could stay with your dog and therefore not have to kennel your beloved pet. there would be daily events for you to become involved in to perhaps include - dog agility classes, dog training, scent work, walking to heel, all aimed at fulfilling the dog and owner with a more rewarding and fulfilling experience whilst on holiday and relaxing.. whilst learining about new ways to gain a closer bond with your dog - perhaps even a doggy spa with hydrotherapy treatments for arthritic or hip displacia suffers?

and how about combining gaining a certificate and award for the dog and owner who have come on the most during the week?

you could meet other owners and share experiences, or even do a doggy challenge for the day?
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I agree a doggy day care with training whether it be basic obedience, off leash, scent work, foundation work for flyball, agility..or whatever..along this line, would be groomng..I think grooming would go well with this type of operation.

My problem is start up money for a place, equipment, insurance, marketing, hiring and then money to hold over for the first couple of months ( hopefully) previous post, I believe you will not have to have much of a bankroll to get started. Just my thoughts...
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