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Originally Posted by gsdmama View Post
that is great. i use to walk a lot. one thing that i just learn that i never knew before that to lose weight you need to work in your target heart rate. if you don't you are only burning sugars. so i have changed my walking so that i am in my target heart rate during the holidays and i kept from gaining weight. the new program that i am on i weighed in at 180 and i was shocked i thought for sure i was 190. i have been stuck at 186 for a few years now and haven't been able to get down. i kept stepping on the scale and making sure it was right i had hubby jump on to make sure that i was right and he asked me what was wrong i told him and he was happy for me.

so keep up the good work.... i use psychology... when i got joey i kept telling myself that i have to take the dog for a walk cause he needs the exercise. i never said that i have to exercise.. and it worked i got down to 186. then the back slides came in and not being consistant did not help. i wish i wasnt sick now cause i would be out there.
Yeah I am sick now too and still walking wich with the cold like it is hurts my lungs! But I know me and if I don't just get out there and do it I won't make a habbit of it and things will just slowly go downhill LOL. I don't have a scale for that reason! I weigh about exactly what you do and have for years aswell. Yeah I have to look at it like that too... it's for the dogs!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement! I am headed out the door now for the daily double I call it.
Love your pets like theres no tomarrow!!
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good for you that you can walk while your sick. just breathing in the cold air for me hurts my throat. i am feeling much better today than yesterday and hopefully i can get out there tomorrow cause i want to get walking and the dogs are driving me crazy and it has been only since monday.
rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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