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our puppy won't cuddle

Our 4 1/2 month male cockapoo puppy "Dalton" seems to be a very happy, active pup. He loves to be near us and enjoys being scratched and rubbed while he's on the floor - he readily rolls over to have his belly scratched - but when we pick him up to put him on our lap for cuddles, even late at night when he's tired, he squirms away?? Is this just natural "puppy" behaviour? Will neutering help?
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Pooches have personalities just like people. Two of my Cockers don't like to cuddle and they don't give kisses. They are content to sit beside me occasionally and let me scritch them but squirm to get down when I try to cuddle. The other two want to be joined at the hip with me. Mine are older dogs though so their personalities are pretty set. Your pup may just still be missing his littermates and momma and may eventually come around just fine when he realizes he's home to stay. I usually just try to let mine come around in their own time. When Monte first came home he didn't want to sleep with me. I put him on the bed now and then just to show him it was ok. Eventually he decided it really was more fun to sleep with me (random scritches abound) than in bed by himself (no scritches) and now joins me all the time but no cuddling.
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my Jessie was not a cuddler at all as a puppy. Used to make me so sad, because I really wanted a cuddly puppy. I would always bring her by me to cuddle, especially at night when I went to bed. She would always end up going somewhere else.

NOW she is attached to me like velcro. She is next to me wherever I go, and sleeps right against me all night long.

Give it some time. Dogs need time to develop their personalities and get attached to you as well

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Every dog has its own personality for sure. Some just dont care to cuddle and there are many possible reasons why.

In my case, Neka likes to do the same things that Dalton does. (Loves to be petted, scratched and rubbed but hates to cuddle). Patchs, on the other hand, thinks she is a 44 pound lap dog!!!

Maybe try to get Dalton to lay next to you insteed of on your lap.

Neutering will help with a lot of behaivors, but will probably not help with this!
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I think the responses above have pretty much nailed it. Its not really a problem, its just the personality of your dog. I own a chow mix, and chows are well known for being aloof, and thats exactly how my pooch is. Yes, he'll put up with pets, scratches, and hugs but he's not one to stay and cuddle with you. I myself prefer a dog that way, but thats just me.

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have to agree dogs have their own personalities my two can take it or leave it and i like steven prefer that
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Gotta agree with everyone else. Each one of my dogs were different. Giz was a super cuddler lol Rylie well he was a snooty little guy and Lexcee we she will not sit on my lap, but will not go to sleep unless she is cuddling me. Good luck and just give your baby time. Hugs Susan & Lexcee
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Smile Dalton

Thanks for all the good advice. I'll just give the little guy some time and I'm sure we'll end up fitting into each other's groove.
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