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Originally Posted by starry8740 View Post
My mom is strict. She don't want to be responsible for my actions. I am not allowed to go into a store or even outside without her being present. I am not even allowed hang with friends because my mom said it is a disaster waiting to happen.

She use to moniter my internet use and sometimes she does if I backtalk her or she feels like I am hiding something. She quit checking my AIM friends about a year ago. In order to get that freedom I had to show her I was trustworthy.

I think it is all a matter of common sense. Like I said above, the parent tells the child the risks like in school. If the child does not abide, then its up to the parent to do something. I am for giving things a try instead of hard core strictness. My mom is one of the strictest people I know. She wouldnt even let me have make up until 4 months ago and she still chooses my clothing. It has to be a certain length, she dont want my belly or privites showing. For pants, I am not allowed shorts in public and the pants cannot be tight or baggy. So for her to let me have the blessing of talking to whoever with trust, is a little piece of freedom.

I know you cannot trust others but you cant trust others in your own town, real life. The door swings both ways!!

Anyway, back on topic... I think it is good to remind people not to trust and not to forget. Even adults too. Anyone or any age or race or sex can be a victim. Wheather or not it is robbery, assult, rape, kidnapping, using your ID to put there crime waves on you, anyone can be a victim.
I don't claim to be a strict parent, just cautious. My kids are at sleepovers a lot, they are involved in sports inside and outside of school, I don't pick out their clothes (although they must be appropriate) etc., but I always want to know who their friends are and who they might be talking to or texting at any given time. I think you are doing a good job of giving your mom reasons to trust you and to earn more privileges. Just remember she loves you and has her reasons for her parenting style. If and when you have kids, you will understand what us parents are imposing on our kids today. Keep up the good work!
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I was a strict parent, my wife taught me somthing. Most important thing is to have an open comunication with your kids. My step kids taught me that an open comunication with your kids are important. My lesson was to late as my first 2 grad from collage by the time they taught me! Keep the doors of comunication open!! Always! and remember positive reinforcement always!
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i'm a young member
can u protect me?


nah nah, jk XD

thanks for reminding us y'all.
this is why we have the freedom to use screen names
so that we can protect our full names.
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I think that one thing parents usually forget to see is the child's point of view. I mean rules are rules and you should abide by it, but there are certain rules that I think go overboard. For instance starry not being able to choose her own clothes or leave the house without her mom. A good parent should set the boundaries and consequences but yet the child should have some freedom. Clothing and movies are choices that a child should have. They prepare the child for bigger dissensions down the road. Learning, what is good choice and bad choice. If the child chooses an bad "R" rated movie, then I would try to work with them. One thing that makes me mad is how parents will let me go/do whatever but my sister cannot do anything. Why? Because she is a girl and I am a boy. Makes me so aggravated because I seen guys who are way weaker than my sister. Anyway, I am not a parent and I don't plan to be one for a long time so I really don't know what I am talking about so I think I will shut up now

I agree that people shouldn't give to much information but I don't think that should apply to just the young ones. I think that should apply to EVERYONE!

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You guys are correct, any age is at risk, but what you have to understand is that these 'predators', more often than not, target children..Those that are under 18. Kids, on the internet you are very vulnerable, PLEASE be careful. It doesn't matter if you are talking to a new person or a reg, do NOT give out your information to anyone you don't know in real life, you really can't trust them. This is a computer, we can't really see who's on the other end, even if they give pictures, who says that's really them? is so dangerous now a days..

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