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A sad day

Sorry about the lateness of this post but I had to get myself together first before I sat down and wrote down what happened.

Shelby has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. On Wednesday I spent the day with Barb doing some rescue business and when I got home mom told me that Shelby was the best of all the dogs because she stayed in her crate the whole time I was gone (not normal) So I watched her for a while. She was coughing which I thought was kennel cough from coming from that hell hole they call a shelter here in our county. By Thursday evening she was not doing well. My vet was about to leave for the day so I took her to the emergency vet clinic here. They determined that she was loaded with heartworms and had pneumonia. We were given several prescriptions and sent home to nurse her. By this morning she could hardly stand so I called my vet and got her in early in the morning. After a thorough exam he decided that he needed an xray. I authorized it so we would see what was going on inside of her before we went too far with treatment. Her heart was enlarged and was in a reverse D which means that one side had enlarged more than the other and that she had a huge infestation of heartworms. The prognosis was that she had less than a 50-50 chance of surviving the heartworm treatment and was in the second stages of pheumonia. My vet said she would only live another three to four years if she indeed did survive the heartworm treatment and said the best thing we could do would be to let her go.....I'm so glad he made the decision for me. It's hard enough to see them sick but to know there is very little hope for their survival makes it just that much worse.

Shelby was a sweet sweet dog. She only wanted to be loved and cared for. At least she had a few days of happiness here with the Rescue Squad. She will be missed greatly by me. She really touched my heart.

Thanks for letting me spill my guts...

Judy and the Rescue Squad
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That is very sad! But you are right at least she had a short time to get to know what true love and happieness is... RIP Sweet Shelby.
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that is so sad im very sorry for your loss, she was such a pretty dog and your right atleaste she had a few good happy days and remember your the one that gave that to her
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I am so sorry for your loss, I know she is up there with my Giz and Rylie and all our other furbabies playing and having fun. She is saying thank you Mom for all the love and care you gave me. Hugs and kisses from Susan & Lexcee. Our hearts and prayers are with you.
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Meer words can't express my sorrow for your loss. She was a beautiful girl, and I'm sure her spirit was just as beautiful!!! At least now she is free of the sickness and I am sure she's playing with all of our loving pets at Ranbow Bridge. It will be great when we see them all again someday. Until then, keep up your great work helping the dogs that still need you!

I wish you peace in your time of loss!

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That's such a sad story. It's so hard to let them go isn't it - it's the hardest decision we ever have to make. I'm so, so sorry.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, those sweet eyes seem to get into my heart. I can't read to many of the rainbow bridge stories because I cry like a baby. Thanks for showing her love, I'm sure she knew what true love ment.
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I'm really sorry for your loss, she looked like such a charming girl...must be horrible. Keep in mind that you spared her much trouble. Hope you feel better soon...

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What a beautiful little girl. So sorry to hear such a tragic turn. Poor little girl deserved better that what she had before she found your loving arms.

Bless you for giving her love and letting her go when she needed to.

RIP sweetheart.

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