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Most of the time Sandy isn't on a leash but when she is, it is a 6' leash.

Starry is right too, the plastic ones just break. Buying metal is always the best and most secure.

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I have different leads for different dogs and different walking.

For running;

1. Big Dogs.
I have a short leather lead, which keeps the dogs close.

2. Small dogs.
I have short cotton leads, they are light weight, I roll them up so that the dog is close.

3. Meduim
Which ever fits best of the above.

For enjoyment walks (on lead)

1. Big, small and meduim dogs.
Long 15meter retractable leads

For off the leash.

To get to off the lead areas I use meduim length cotton light weight leads.

Agility training on lead.
Harness with elastic lead. Spring forwards to about 2meters.

General training,

Slip lead, similar to one used in a show ring. Has the collar on it too!

Walking down, along to a cafe.
A leather lead.

As you can see their is a lead for every occasion

I would be happy with just a leather or slip lead!
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