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Dog Beds

OK I have spent a fortune throughout my dogs life with dog beds, because they wear out and you wash them so much they just fall apart. Now I am looking at these sort

to MAKE...I mean all it is is PVC pipe and fabric...and I am tired of spending the money on beds that dont last, and now Tigger is chewing up all his beds because he is bored, and he doesnt see it as a no-no, but just another chew toy.

Any suggestions/comments on this? They aint sending me to the dog house but the POOR house!!!
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Sorry Shara, I dont have an answer for you, just waned to say I am in the same boat!!! I am done buying dog beds tho. Abby either chews it up or pees on it.
So, I have resigned and given them free reign to sleep on my bed during the day (well, they sleep with us at night too). at least my bed doesnt get chewed on and Abby woudnt DARE pee on my bed again LOL (she did once when he was a little puppy).

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They look comfy although I don't know where you would get the fabric they speak of. You could use that lawnchair fabric that you can weave but it wouldn't be chew proof. Cassie sleeps on a Mommy made bed which is a canvas zippered bag with four pillows and a 3" foam stuffing. She has another blanket that covers the canvas which I launder every week.
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lucy has an old quilt that is wrapped in a duvet cover. she loves it. oh...and a mountain of cuddly toys to sleep with. its not about the amount of money you spend...its about making the dog comfortable, warm and secure.

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I know what you mean!!! I was just sitting here contemplating whether to get more beds or no. Bella chews them up and rips out the stuffing. Gunner will lay on them now that he's getting older and the hard floor is hard on his bones. If I don't have beds or blankets for him to lay on...he'll jump up on the couch at night which he gets in trouble for. Clay has found him a spot on these long cushions on top of these benches for this oversized table the previous owners left. We just let him sleep there b/c no one ever used that table other than to throw our things down as we entered the back door. I just pulled them off and am getting ready to throw them out...but now I have him and Gunner laying on them since they're laying on the floor. They're dirty and gross and I can't wait to get them outta here...but I'm thinkin i should keep them until I get more beds for them to chew up.

On a side note...Costco has pretty large dog beds for about $20. I think I may go that route and use the blanket idea to wash frequently. I've bought all kinds of things that do not survive ranging from $30-$80. I think I might just stick with the cheap ones and throw them out as needed. But I feel your pain!!
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sorry, I don't have the answer either, I have always thought that a big comfy blanket seems to be enough for my dogs. They loved anything that had my scent on it. I never found the need to spend a fortune on beds. I do have one for Lexcee, but she enjoys an old bed spread more. So much for spending on doggie beds. lol Susan & Lexcee
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I bought a thick orthopedic mattress pad, cut it in half and used a doggy print to sew a cover with a zipper. You could use snaps, velcro, whatever. It's easy to do and a whole lot cheaper, especially if you have a monster like mine!
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I have a futon mattress in the bedroom and one in my truck. Friends are always getting rid of them. Crib mattresses work good just cover with an old quilt.
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Well dunno if that is going to be as comfy as a regular pillow type bed, but its worth a try, right?

I have an othrepedic mattress that I won from a dog site, seems to be comfy and lasts too, no rips in it yet.

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i dont have a answer but i have a suggestion
i use a old duvet with a cover over then her doggy blanket(she wont settle unless its there) and 2 pillows that seems to last her a while hope thats ok

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