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What type of leashes?

I use a cotton horse lead I throw it over my neck, and hands free walking. I have 2 ft leads. and 30 ft for trails and swimming. What types do people use? I had a 6 ft lead that had a handle at 2 ft it always got on a foot.
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I have just three: I have a 18" walking lead and a 6 foot nylon slip lead and a 30 foot nylon training lead. The 30 footer also gets used on the "cable run" in the back yard. I attach it to the pulley on the cable and to Neka's collar.
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I have 3 six feet nylon leash, 1 six feet leather leash, 4 three feet nylon slip leads, and 2. 30 feet training nylon leads
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I don't know how long mine is but I want to point out that when you get one to get metal hooks that connects to your dogs collar. The plastic ones break!! I had it happen to me in the middle of the woods. I was freaking out because the whole way home I had to Carry him and I thought I was gonna die!
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I use six foot leather leashes, though I've been wanting to purchase shorter ones. Jasmine somehow always managed to get all tangled up.
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I have 4' and 6' long nylon leads. The 4' ones are used on normal walks while the 6' ones are used in obedience training. I also have a 30' nylon lead for working on recalls etc... with an unreliable dog.
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OH my....I have a BOX full of leashes....
I have at least 10 of the normal leashes in various colors and designs depending on the dog.

I have 1 of the longest flexi leashes (quite a few feet) and one normal flexi.

I have a extreamly long leash for teaching recalls and stuff.

I am getting some leather leashes for competitions and stuff.
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We use the retractable leashes. Lady's is 20 feet, i believe, and Gizmo's is 10..but we keep the leashes short on walks and such, and let them run as they please on potty trips in the yard.

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I have a veritable dog supply store, here. I have numerous 6-foot leads, mostly, but not all leather. I use a 6-foot 1/2-inch lead that's braided at the ends for Bubba on a regular basis. Numerous long lines, ranging from 10-foot to 30-foot. I have a 23 year old special quick-release police lead.
Zora'sdad, I had the same problem with that particular leash!! Hahahaha.
I have enough supplies here for the rest of my life. Every once in a while, I find someone with a need I can fill, so sometimes something in my collection gets donated.
As you can see, Bubba loves the 10-foot cotton horse lead the best!

Bubba at play during a break from training. Mary is in the background.
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I have 12" leads for off leash training, they are almost there. I use 15' and 30' for training and longlining.They are great for sit on recall and down on recall at distances also for sit in motion and down in motion I can do these at different distances. I have 4' leads for walking, I found that 6' leads are too long for walks.
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