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Marketing and dogs

Marketing Gone to the Dogs? That's a Good Thing

By Kim T. Gordon

Have you noticed that advertising is going to the dogs? Those cute, cuddly canines are springing up everywhere -- from commercials to print ads and websites.
Dogs are replacing the pretty girl with the great smile as the current darlings of advertisers of all stripes. And for good reason: That pup is worth its weight in gold. In an era when consumers are looking for a special connection with companies and brands, most people find dogs endearing and just plain irresistible.
Of course man's best friend won't be every marketer's best friend. This is not to say that you should think about using dogs in your marketing. But dogs in ads can teach us a lot about effective marketing tactics. Here are four lessons to be learned from marketing that has gone to the dogs.
Dogs Make You Look
One of the chief jobs of every ad is to capture the attention of the target audience. No one can act on your ad if they don't see it. Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads every day and are multitasking now more than ever before. This tremendous barrage of marketing messages -- from mobile ads on our cell phones to stickers on poles at the gas station -- has made us understandably selective about what we choose to notice. So when a commercial comes on and the first image is of a beautiful chocolate Labrador retriever sitting on a couch, people who have positive mental associations with dogs stop a moment to take a look. And when that happens, the advertiser has successfully scaled an incredibly challenging hurdle. Do your ads grab your customers' attention?
Dogs Engage Our Emotions
Getting consumers to notice your ad is the first task, and the next is to engage them in a way that will be memorable. Memory and emotion are inextricably bound together. Think about it: When you recall a fun experience with a childhood pet, how does it make you feel? The emotions seem to come rushing back, and it's hard to separate the memory from how the experience felt. For many people, simply seeing images of friendly dogs evokes warm feelings and in turn makes the advertisement more memorable. And ad recall is crucial to a high response rate since an ad has to be both seen and remembered to produce the desired result. What's the best way to engage your customers' emotions?

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Well Cassie is in part named after a dog food commercial in which a little girl is pictured at the top of a set of stairs calling her dog to come eat. Well the puppy is so small he has difficulty getting up those big stairs so the little girl goes to him and gives him his meal. Fast forward a few years the girl is older and the dog bounds up the stairs when called for supper because he is healthy on his dog food brand of choice. Fast forward a few more years and the little girl is a woman now and she calls her dog but the dog is getting on in years and the stairs are difficult for an old dog. The now young woman does what she did as a little girl and says "That's OK Casey, I'll come to you". Now even just writing about that ad brings tears to my eyes as it was so touching. It was especially touching because it was the first TV ad, or any advertisement really, that had a girl and a dog; usually it was a boy and his dog and girls got stuck with cats only. The dog in the commercial was an Irish Setter and male (as Casey for me reminded me of Casey a male character from a Canadian childrens' show called Mr. Dressup) so I chose a female version which was close to Casey....hence Cassie was my dog name of choice.

Mom and I are always on the lookout for the new Cottonelle commercials as their mascot is Ajax a male yellow lab. The last commercial was of him doing a spa commercial. LOVE IT!

Check them out....
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The only dissenting note from me is suggesting it has been going on for a long time. I guess I am so ad resistant I can't remember any good examples from the past to prove my point.

These days a pretty girl in the ad can offend too many.
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