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Tryouts for Rose Parade-Can your dog Hang 20?

Wanted: dogs that can hang 20

Skimming, diving pooches try out for a Rose Parade float.

Call it a canine cattle call.

About 130 dogs Monday splashed and slip-slid their way through a watery audition for surfing and diving roles on a pet food company's float in the upcoming Rose Parade.

Onlookers and judges got drenched by Labradors leaping into a 4-foot-deep water tank in Pacoima. Then their owners were showered when the animals climbed out of the water and wildly shook off.

Contestants that just barked at the skim board instead of riding it down a watery ramp were sent to the dog house.

Seven-year-old Quinn Hettich of Arcadia knelt on a specially constructed "dock" and aimed an excited Staffordshire bull terrier named Bubbles toward the water tank a few feet below. Then he let go.

The 10-year-old pooch jumped off the dock and belly-flopped into the water with a huge splash. Quinn threw up his arms in victory.

The dog was deemed a contender for one of the dozen spots open to skim board and dive aboard a float sponsored by Natural Balance Pet Foods. Bubbles is actually owned by a friend, Melissa Ness of Ramona, said Randy Hettich, the boy's father.

Quinn confided that he skipped his second-grade class Monday to attend the audition. He said his birthday is Jan. 1, so he might get to celebrate it by riding with Bubbles in the Pasadena parade.

Joey Herrick, the pet food firm's president, said previous company floats have featured skateboarding and snowboarding dogs. This New Year's version will cost about $300,000, he said.

See rest of article at:,1306119.story
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Gotta watch the parade this year _Marie
Love me; Love my dog
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Ha, ha, ah, sounds like fun. Picky, picky picky, I assume you are quoting a reporter that doesn't know dogs only have 4 toes in the back.
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That parade seems so exciting and interesting....

Entertaininga s well...

Looking forward to that...^_^
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