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Originally Posted by hcromley View Post
well i think your avitar is great
thank you
Everyone knows dog is God spelled backwards..
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I hope I get to say that Casey, my cocker lived to be at least 15.
I belong to a Cocker site and do not hear that age mentioned very often
when referring to Cockers.
Congratulations you gave your pup very good care and a good life.
She gave you unconditional love for sure.
Cockers do not know any other way.
So far Casey, who I adopted at age 5 is doing great for 8 yrs old and is very healthy. I pray she stays that way for a long time.

Welcome to K9 and I know you will love it here.

Jake - Rainbow Bridge 12/19/08

Adopted by: Casey the Cocker 8 yrs
and Tia the ShihTzu 6 months
in Peterborough ONT Canada
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Originally Posted by doc2boc View Post

I use to own a cocker. She was put down in 04 after fifteen years. I wish I knew of a site like this when I had her. Her name was Lucy after Lucille Ball who died in 1988, the year my dog was born on Christmas Eve. But after a little while, we started to call her BOOSHY cause she was so bushy. When she died, I buried her in my backyard under this huge Christmas tree, so she would remain a Christmas gift forever.. So I join to see how newer dog owners are doing and maybe add any insight to the forum as possible. Thanks..

Ps My avatar was made by a friend for me so I'm using it since I dont have a dog now. I do have hair..most of it
Hi Welcome to k9mania hope you r enjoying the sight and sorry about the bad news and hope so your Aviter is great
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