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New contest

Members submit a poem, a letter, an essay on what your dog/s or dog means to you. We will assign a number to each submission and draw 3 numbers out of a bag and donate the equivalent of $15US to the charity of choice of the members submissions selected. Have fun and let us know how you feel about your dog/s and your relationship with them. We will draw the winners on January 1, 2007.

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Where are we submiting them to? This form or an email?
I smile because my Border Collie loves me.
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Go to the contest forum and start a new thread after Opie. You can do it on word and copy and paste in the message section or just write it in the message section. Every new submission should start a new thread and any comments about a submission should hit reply. Have fun

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I think this is a great idea, thanks for this K9
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Smile My Persy dog...

Hello.I am here to tell you about my dog Persy.It all started when I felt lonley and needed a friend.So,I went to a small breeder in Maine.All the puppies were cute but there was something different about one of them.When I picked her out,that was the beggining of a new life.I started teaching her tricks.And at a small park was a agility corse and sighn up.So,we gave it a try.Now,she has won 12 times.One day, we went to Petsmart and she picked out a toy and retured it to me!When we went swimming she just sat there waiting for me to swim with her.And one day she brought me a flower ,it was the most prettist flower I have ever seen.And,on one Christmas she slept under the tree waiting for me to wake up!When she saw a present that I handed to her she ripped it up then ran into my handes licking me!Yes,me and Persy love one another and have many years to come!
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About my Labs:
One has a great pedigree...full of hunters and field champions. She's the best girl on 4 legs. We've even traced her lines back to 1878! She loves to lick and fetch and play. She does what you ask, most any day.

The second is a blocky headed hunk of love...he's got CH blood coursing through his veins and he knows it. He carries himself like he's always in a show. He looks good and he knows it. His tail is big, his ears are triangles and his body is pure muscle. He really does know how to hussle.

Our third is still a pup...the product of the first two. He's the best of both worlds and will carry on the hunter and show lines that he's inherited. He is a bouncing bundle of joy...all 80 pounds of him! He'll retrieve anything, both night and day and he loves to carry sticks along the way.

All three are full of love and understanding. They don't know the meaning of the word "demanding". They do what you ask, most of the time, and never put one paw out of line. For only some water, vet checks and get loads more snuggles, kisses and love than any human ever could. Knowing all this about our three wonderful Labs what else can I say? These are the three best dogs, both night and day!

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Tony, Kim, Gunner & Tira.
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In the still of the night

This poem is dedicated to the memory of Bruceton Butterfly.Who was my very first Sheltie (our wee Bonnie) and inspired me to go on and try again after i suffered life threatening illness.I wrote this poem myself and I would like to share the pain of loosing a dog you love when life is low.I recovered and i went on to learn all aspects of dog care.I breed and show my dogs and latterly i have been given the honour of being invited to judge my breed.I have passed all K.C assessments and breed seminars.

In the still of the night.

Your lovely eyes,once warm and giving,needed me so you were hardly living,
Those hazel eyes that shone so bright,could hardly see me on that fateful night,In the still of the night you slipped away,I held your paw, but,you could not stay,
You were helpless,dependant,I always knew why? you did not really want to die,you tears your fears, and your despair you needed to know that I would always care,
In the still of the night you slipped away,and I will never regret a single day.
Peace and tranquillity,surround you my love,
Oh! look! I see a little white dove.
The End.

I wrote this poem while i was studying to be a bereavement counsellorand I found it healing
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