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Only one of three who is petrified of storms! He will try to get under the bed all the time. Not so bad during daytime storms but at night it's bad. If I know it's coming he gets some Rescue Remedy but in Florida we're likely to have a boomer with no warning whatsoever!
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Nah, they might raise an eyebrow with a big boom.. but fireworks, storms, nothing phases these two...but crinkle a chip bag, and they are on ya like flies on poo!!!
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Toto doesn't mind fireworks or thunder. Something weird happened last week though. We got stuck in a virtual down pour of hard rain. The first time for him. We've been caught in the rain before but managed to get to cover before the real hard rain came down. This time the drops started and within seconds it was a full out deluge. Toto seemed to be awfully frightened. He froze in place, and I had to pick him up and he whimpered all the way home. He was completely soaking wet (as was I) and I just towel dried him, and then he just had that stinky dog smell so I gave him a warm bath and he was fine. I think it was the suddeness of the full out pouring rain, I mean one minute he's walking along sniffing happily and then suddently I'm starting to run, pulling on his leash, and he looks up and it's like someone threw a bucket of water on him. He froze.
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Neka is not really afraid of thunder, I'd called it concered .....

She doesn't panic or anything, but if she is outdoors and she hears loud thunder she want to go in the house. I think it comes from when she was a stray.

Once she is in the house, she fine!!! I've been working with her on this by taking her out on the front porch when there are storms coming. I'm teaching her that thunder is OK by keeping her calm and giving her treats when she doesn't react to the thunder. It's been working well as she now is more comfortable with the distant thunder, but she's still nervous when a close one hits .... The training is still ongoing .....
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Originally Posted by zorasdad View Post
As it just started to get windy and lightning and thundering Any my guys are laying In yard happy as can be, was wondering how other dogs handle t storms? Zora dont like hanging in rain but Mo would lay down outside and enjoy the storm.
am really lucky with lucy. She isn't phased at all by loud noises and flashes which is good as we live about 200 yards away from the local airport and regularly have big planes, sirens and flashes going on. She sat in the garden last weekend watching the red arrows display team doing their airobatics overhead and they come in pretty damn close when they are landing let me tell you! We also have a quarry not too far from us and they are regularly blasting to get the gravel out. She takes it all in her stride bless her.
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my little ones fine as long as im with her iv heard that running a tap can help especially if you have a dog who is epileptic and has fits during thunder storms
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