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I finished my jump!

Yesterday, I finished making the pup's jump, and I pounded my weave poles in the back yard. It was so much fun. Cerbie jumped and kind of understood the weave poles. Brigit LOVED the jump, and she did the weave poles better than Cerbie. Brigit doesn't do anything, let alone do things better than my son. I was proud of her. I might have to look into an agility class for her.

The best part, it made her tired! She's never been tired the 18-ish months we've had her. She came in, laid around a while, then put herself away in the bedroom kennel. She's never done that, either. It was awesome.

I also foun a clicker combined with a target stick at petco. I really like it, and it's perfect for Max, since he's still leary of ppl bending over him. He likes the stick, and he doesn't mind you bending down after the click, bc he knows the cookie's coming. If I ever get my camera working, I'll put up some pics of them playing with their new toys.
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Looking forward to some photos.

I've been interested in putting up some jumps and poles to exercise my girl when I don't have time for a long walk. Maybe this summer
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Can't wait to put mine in, was going to do it until I found out we had to move. I even got $200 for christmas to buy all the pvc to make the stuff. Sounds fun, take some pictures for me, thanks.
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