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Thumbs up Pack behavior

Two general books that I think are easy to read and understand about dog behavior and our relationship with them are:

The Hidden Lives of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas and
Dogs Never Lie about Love by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Too many time we try and humanize dogs and their behaviors. Both of these books give a glimpse into the world of a dog pack. Many times dogs go bad or become problems because the humans don't become the leader of the pack.
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New to the world of dog breeding I have thought a lot about new insightful ways to present a puppy to a new family. Books were the first thing I thought of. Not everyone has owned dogs and being presented with a puppy it would be nice if it came with a rule book.

My first book choice would be breed specific. A general understanding of where your specific breed came from. Knowing where your breed came from
can make a difference on how you will house the dog, what type of containment you will need and how you will excersise your new pet.
Knowing what your dog was bred for will help with decisions on socialization. All dogs need to be socialized but some need more and some breeds are just great with everything. If you know your breed was created to be a bird dog you may not want to have free roam chickens in the yard, and if you do you may need help to desensatize the dog.
General knowledge about the breed will also help to diagnosis different breed specific problems. If you know that the breed is prone to allergies than at the first signs of skin problems you will know to take your pet to the vet and have it tested.
Knowledge of the breed specific information will also save money and time.
If you know that the breed you chose can jump a four foot fence you will know that before putting in a fence system. If you already have a four foot fence then you will know that within a few short months some alterations may have to be made for the safety of your new pet.
In conclusion, knowledge will be the greatest thing you can do to have a long lasting bond with your new pet.
The second book is one I ran across in the grocery store of all places. It was economically priced and provided great information for the newest and oldest of pet owners. It is " Dogs for Dummies "
This easy read book is packed with information that is executed in a fasion that all people can relate to. It has examples and is very forth coming without being scary. This is a book that anyone can read including older children. The information is general but as a partner book with the breed specific book I feel this would help owners have a great start.
From the most expensive breed to the freebees in the newspaper it seems that all puppies are just handed over. They may come with a bag of food. You can't just feed the puppy and expect it to grow into a great dog. Books to me seem like the perfect addition to the new puppy gifts.
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Two good books?....thats tough, i've read so many!

Okay lets see:
First: Dog Training: the gentle modern method By: David WestonI really liked Weston's books because he simplifies all the steps needed for efficient training and has many good illustrations for those of us who are visual learners. I also think he is a very experienced person, he has been a professional dog trainer since 1974 and has been part of the AKC council. So I think that what he has to say is valuable.

The American Kennel Club Dog Care and Training
This is another book that i think also effeciently teaches basic training methods. Plus i think its a trustable source since its AKC certified.
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Thumbs up Good selections -keep them coming

There are some good books in the responses. There are plenty of others. Remember you are helping others while putting yourself in the drawing for $100US. Keep the responses coming.
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Thumbs up My book picks

Two books I think every dog owner should read are:

Karen Pryors Don't Shoot the provides the premise behind clicker training and behavioral training in general. It gives a bit of theory with practical application.

The Social Lives of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. As an anthropologist she tries to make distinctions between what dogs want and we think they want through our projections. Understanding the pack behavior of dogs is very important. These books are easy reads with lots of examples.
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Your response could be worth $100 and think of

all the books you could buy. Not only do I want to giveaway the money and t-shirts, I want a plethora of books people can check on based on your reviews.
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I know! That's why I'm hoping to win one of the monetary prizes. I'd like to get a few more dog training books.
Tony, Kim, Gunner & Tira.
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A book which is great for new puppy owners is The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Taylor. The book is full of ideas and training advice to bring up a happy, healthy well mannered dog. It is well written and easy to read. She gives advice on basic training, feeding, socialisation and how to have fun with your dog.
Another great book if Click for Joy by Robert Bailey and Melissa C Alexander. As your may have guessed it is about clicker training, it is easy to dip in and out of, tells the basic principles of clicker training and how to carry them out and gives case histories as examples. It's an easy to read book and full of good advice.
A book specific to your breed of dog is also a good idea.
Anything by Ian Dunbar, he's funny as well as informative.
I could fill a library with all the dog books I would like to read if I had the money and time
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