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Sorry for the absence

I have been keeping up with everyone while traveling to agility trials for my massage business. I had a problem getting logged in for the last month. The situation has been fixed. As those of us in the West know, it is time for fires. Any of you traveling this summer, please be very careful. Opie is now almost 141/2 years old. When we vacationed in Utah in June in one day, she swam 40 minutes, hiked 21/2 miles, and swam again for 40 minutes. I would love to hear stories of how people deal with their older dogs health and well being. I will come up with a contest for that issue and one about the care of canine feet. I want to increase the number of members of our group. I also want to remind anyone who travels to California that if my area, I would love to visit with you. I am going to take a more active role from now on. I hope everyone is enjoying whatever season it is in their respective country. I see many of you are breaking into the canine business world more deeply. Go for it.
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Glad to hear all is well K9. My guys aren't really old yet so the information others have will greatly benefit me and the future with my guys.
One of my puppy owners is thinking of going into k9 massage. I think it will be a great industry for FL, especially with all the vacationers down here.
Good Luck with everything, so nice to hear from you.
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I'm thinking about going to cali in october to see the dali llama(sp?) with a freind. Idk where in cali we'll be going though. Guess I should find out. Glad to hear your Opie is still so active at an advanced age. That's awesome.
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Awesome to see you back around the forums, we have missed you!

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Glad to be back. I miss all of you and the discussions.
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We've definitely missed you! Alot has been going on. I'll be interested in seeing what others have to say about aging pups, as Annie is getting up there. Glad to hear all is well though, and that Opie is aging gracefully. I'm trying to plan a trip to Sacramento for February..not sure if I'll be bringing Roxy or not, yet, though!

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Good to hear from you K9, and to hear that Opie is one healthy, happy and fit old timer!
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I work on a lot of older dogs. I think that one thing that everyone should do is make sure their dog is the correct weight. Even in the agility world, I see many heavy dogs. As they age, this puts a lot of stress on their joints and diminishing muscle mass. Additionally, I would recommend that you have steps, ramps, or other pieces of equipment so that your aging canine companion is not jumping up or down much. Dogs put about 80% of weight on front end, so even if the dog is well muscled in back end, they will still be weaker in the rear and will pull with the front end which then becomes very tight. Swimming is good because it takes the stress off of the joints. Any other things, we all need to think about for our aging friends?
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For sure I have had more than my share of elderly pooches. I have steps for them in the two rooms we use most. I also have belly bands for the boys who go incontinent. Sure isn't a reason to put a loved one down when you can just use a belly band! I also monitor feedings closely since younger ones tend to push the elders outta the way to get at the food and the elders just can't fight for themselves anymore. I usually start the glucosamine supplements on a pooch around 10 years of age to help with old arthur creeping up and make sure they have a nice clean and well-padded bed. The older ones especially like their nightly massages too! Watch for older dogs sleeping with their eyes open so you can start them on tears to prevent damage to the eye from prolonged exposure to the air. Gel tears can be purchased without prescription and isn't expensive.

I think above all that the elders have to continue to be involved in family life and cuddle sessions, not left alone in a room cause there's not much going on with them anymore. But I do crate the elders for their own safety when my rambunctious grans manage to wander thru my house.
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You are right about the weight. Over the years I have seen many questions about dogs that won't eat. There are those quick to suggest all sorts of junk to tempt a dog to eat or gain weight. People want their dog to look like all the over fed dogs. One of the best things for a dog is to be kept lean from the time it is weaned. As a dog ages, its body is less and less able to cope with the damage due to overweight.
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